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January 13, 2014 / Vanilla Chocolate

Back After a break:

I have had a really busy time lately and I believe a lot has changed in my life over this period of absence. No, nothing bad!

I was in the middle of changing jobs and have now moved from Hyderabad to New Delhi. Delhi is so much more closer to home and I have only been here for three weeks but I have already been able to spend some quality time with family and friends. The move has worked out great! My dad has allowed me to keep his ’96 bought, maruti 800 here in Delhi and it is serving me well. Almost everything for me has been so much more easier and convenient here.

After the quick job change I jumped into completing my GMAT prep and getting over with it. After 2 re-scheduled already, I thought that I had had enough and wanted to get it done with before I started off with my new job in Delhi. The plan worked well and I ended up scoring a 760 – 99 percentile. Felt very proud of that.

Although this might seem crazy to read about but since I find it so beneficial, I will go ahead and write it for my readers – During this period of absence I have also been trying to delay any kind of sexual release for days. My last streak lasted for around 5 weeks and I am currently in one that is already 10 days long and continuing. I have found for myself that saving up on my sexual energy helps me out a lot. I feel more confident, more social and more driven to get things done. I love it! I’ve also found that people like Ford, Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Mohammad Ali etc. believed in the benefits of abstaining and finding out about them has been really motivating to keep going. I like the idea so much that I have also pursued Vanilla to join me in delay of release. I’d like to see this idea go mainstream. While the mainstream and the internet claim that it is fine to masturbate and watch porn etc. there are schools of thought that are completely against it. The noFap subreddit on reddit has a growing community of people who are trying to abstain and are very supportive of each other. There is also which has some interesting views on sex within a relationship, worth a read, I’d say. During this period I also got introduced to the benefits of cold showers and have been having them even in this cold Delhi winter. Although it has just been 4 days but I feel good about them and will be continuing on with them!

Everything has been going great between Vanilla and me. We have been in constant touch through all the busy times. She has been a great support through my job search and GMAT prep; always encouraging me on. One day while we were on call I had Vanilla and my dad say hi to each other. Both of them thought I was teasing them when I asked them to say hi to each other. lol

I am glad that I am going through a good period of time in my life and am enjoying it. Hope to keep strong for the times it get tougher.

Cheers Chocolate.

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