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  1. Vijay / Sep 21 2012 3:41 pm

    Hi This is Vijay from India and I am really surprised (in a pleasant manner) with your mature as well as tolerant view point. To put yourself into one’s shoes before judging he or she is indeed a greater quality that I wish everyone had. Having said that , I don’t think I should justify that rude behavior of us Indians (even though I am not like that) . Its something similar to a rat race right from the moment we were born and even getting your kid enrolled in a Kindergarten can be an exhaustive exercise , if you are a middle class Indian. But I hope things will change for the better in the coming years as more and more people are getting educated. Wud like to keep in touch for a healthy exchange of ideas.


    • Vanilla Chocolate / Sep 22 2012 2:55 am

      Hi Vijay,

      I am an Indian as well and I am in a multi-cultural relationship myself and over time I have come to accept and appreciate some of the cultural differences that are there across cultures around the globe. It has certainly made me more open and accepting of different view points as long as they are in good spirit.
      For your point ,I believe that for each way that a person behaves there is a reason. We have to try and understand where they are coming from and living in harmony and peace would become so much more easier. I also hope that things will improve for the better in India.

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