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Hello, we are Vanilla and Chocolate.

We were in our early 20s when we met each other online in the summer of 2009 and continued to be in touch with each other on and off for an year. We were both in college and completing our degrees. Over the course of the next year we got to know each other as we continued to be in touch. At times, we did it for hours on end. By the end of our first year of knowing each other we both knew that there was more than just friendship that we wanted. We decided to officially get into an exclusive relationship in the summer of 2010. Unfortunately we  haven’t been able to meet up in person as yet but hope to meet up sometimes soon in 2013.

We are from the different sides of the world, which makes ours a inter-cultural relationship. I (Chocolate) am from India and she is from somewhere pretty in northern Europe. We feel that despite the fact that we are supposed to belong to different cultures and background we understand each other very well. Our frequencies match. It is probably due to globalization and the internet and media that we are all moving towards one uniform global culture, probably it is because of this that we don’t really seem to find too much of a difference between our life-styles and principles and beliefs.

If there was a movie to get an idea of how we feel, you could watch : Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.

Although this blog is owned by both of us but most posts on this blog are from Chocolate. They are mostly about the Indian culture, cultural differences,  travel around India and other generic topics that touch us. We will hopefully have our success story on this blog at some point of time in the future.

Thank you for stopping by, it would be great for us to know your thoughts and opinions through comments (or emails) on this blog!


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