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September 14, 2013 / Vanilla Chocolate

My Favorite Fantasy:

When it comes to fantasies,  I don’t have many. However, there is one that I find myself indulging in ever so often. After work, before work, at work, before sleeping, after waking up….anytime.

If you’ve dropped by here expecting to read a hot sexual fantasy, I am sorry to leave you disappointed. This is related to WORK!

It is very often that I fantasize about quitting my job, usually in a tone like – “There go your job and you. I can do better than this anytime.”  What happens next in fantasy land depends on my mood and day. Sometimes I like to become to a helpful and enterprising gym instructor who owns his own gym and sometimes become a technology entrepreneur running the next cool enterprise right out of my living room, being the master of my own destiny. Then there are other times when I am teaching students, giving discounts to under-privileged students and teaching computer courses in the school I studied in.

I never knew that getting job satisfaction in a job would be so hard, in my current job at times it feels really hard to come by. I always thought that I had a good plan and I’d work through it. My plan was to work hard for a few years in technology consulting and get an MBA. However, the last few weeks have blown me off my plan. What made complete sense to me just a month ago seems almost stupid and useless. These are times when my fantasies come in handy and let me for some time make plans and day dream, to help make me feel easy.

What are some of your favorite fantasies?



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