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April 6, 2013 / Vanilla Chocolate

It’s a sin to be a stag in Goa:

If you are accustomed to the clubbing scene in India you would know the meaning of the word stag entry in the context of clubbing. It refers to a single male wanting to enter a club, a  pub or any event for that matter.

I have experienced being a stag first hand for several years, wanting to gain entry into all these different clubs and pubs. Needless to say I have had a tough time, so much so that when chalking out plans to go out with I do not even consider going to some of the hip partying places.

We went through similar experiences in Goa as well.  On our first night we were at the Baga beach and there is this bunch of great shacks at the beach. Some play music, much like pubs and some have dance floors while some have karaoke nights. We decided to go to one of the shacks besides the Britto’s shack. They had a great DJ who sang some great songs, at one point a friend of his and he also sang a mash up of “Dynamite” and “Chasing cars” – it was awesome. They also had a dance floor and alternated between bouts of dance and karaoke. But, to the dismay of my friends and me, there was no stag entry allowed on the dance floor. We were all boys, we were six of us and had hoped that we would get to dance a bit when we had first found out that there would be some dance too.

There wet sat, our table facing the dance floor, watching people dance to some of our favorite numbers. It was a pity that Vanilla couldn’t be with me at such points, when I would have just liked to hold her hands and dance the night away with her. Nonetheless we continued drinking and I felt bored. There was a group of 3 girls sitting close to us,  and had already been dancing.I walked up to them and asked if my friends and me could dance with them. Thankfully, they accepted but it was quite awkward on the dance floor. The bouncer besides that dance floor came over to us three different times to make sure that we knew there were know stag entries allowed! Three of my friends joined us, we were all not dressed for the occasion. One of my friends told them that we were all engineers and she quickly replied – “Yeah, you seem so from your clothes”. This comment hit our spirits hard lol, my friends left the dance floor and there was a quick wardrobe change on the streets of Goa for us, the next morning. But nonetheless, I did enjoy the few minutes of grooving I managed.

On another night we went to the LPK club in Goa(LPK for Love, Passion Karma, can’t get cornier). Before we all went in, 4 of my friends had decided to check out the place while others stayed back at the hotel and relaxed since we had just checked in. They got back and reported that there was a very sophisticated crowd at the place and we were advised to wear formal party wear lest stag entry wouldn’t be allowed for us. So we did. When we reached there was a hoard of high end cars like Bentley, BMWs, Jaguars etc leaving the place. I think I also saw what seemed like a Ministers government car. There were many women, some of them white, in these cars. This place seemed very fishy, there were women there who seemed to appear straight out of Hollywood mafia movies.This place definitely did not seem to be for the ones wanting to live a simple life.

We  reached the place at around 1 AM in the morning. We had hoped that for the next couple of hours we would get to party around and just see what night life in Goa was like. Again to our dismay the entry fee for stags for the couple of hours left in the night was kept at around 60$ per person. We were frustrated and disappointed. We left the place. While leaving we were waiting for one of our friends to get into our car while he was chatting with the friends on the bike. Just then there were a couple of white girls negotiating taxi prices with an Indian man. This place was slightly away from the beaches in North Goa. It was around a 20 minute drive from Baga and these girls were being asked for around 3000 Indian Rupees. They refused, while we looked on. The man thought that we were staying on to give them a lift and yelled at us to drive away. We asked out friend to get into the car and drove away. While on our way back we joked and laughed on what could have happened had we stayed back. He might have fired at us or they might dispose off misbehaving guys into the adjoining river. That is how creepy the place seemed to be!.

By now we had realized that we had to enjoy ourselves in Karaoke nights and the beaches etc around Goa. We couldn’t really go to some of these hip clubs that were not very stag friendly in Goa. The next few days we went through some interesting experiences while in Goa which I will write about in my next posts.

But really, it is very frustrating being a stag in India, you do not get to go out to some of these party places. In one way it might be a right thing to do because with the way things are here in India, you might want to keep the men out in order to protect the women but at the same time it is also hard on the other men who just sincerely want to party.

Have you experienced anything like this before? Ladies – Would you go in into a club that you were planning to go into with a bunch of guys who asked you to come in with them, since they were stags ? OR would it sound too strange? I ask because at times we have been tempted to asks the girls outside these clubs if they could help us get in. lol




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  1. CJ / Jan 2 2014 5:45 pm

    then whch is the nice place to a party with good karoake music and with dance floors for stag ppl in goa…?

  2. Beenie / Feb 26 2015 9:08 am

    If you didn’t kill all the women in the womb in india maybe there would be an equal diaspora of males to females and this wouldn’t be an issue!

  3. Saajan / Nov 29 2015 1:05 am

    Awesome post. Great writing

  4. sks / Feb 4 2017 1:00 am

    same experience on my last visit this Jan. 😑

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