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April 3, 2013 / Vanilla Chocolate

I am back from Goa.

So, as I wrote in my last post I was scheduled to leave for Goa on Tuesday night, last week. I had a lot of stuff to complete at work before I could leave office that day. Thankfully, my team lead was understanding and helped me complete some work, he also offered to take on any additional tasks that might come up.

The journey to Goa did not have anything exciting as such. The bus was half hour late than scheduled but you are ready for that kind of stuff with the concept of “Indian Time” very deeply ingrained in you right from the time you’ve been growing up in this country.

I reached Goa at around 9 in the morning and my friend accompanied by 4 of his other friends or mutual friends met up with me right then.They had arrived in the bus from Pune, where they had flown to the previous night. Next we found us a car and a bike on rent. We got what I thought was a good deal, with a car and a bike for rent at around $30 a day.

The next few days saw some highs and some lows, the first high of the trip being the first few beers that we grabbed right after we got into our rented car. We drove off to north of Goa, and got a decent room near Calangute Beach. Over the next few days we went though through  a series of experiences – some fun and exciting incidents and some not so great ones. I will be writing about some of those in my next few posts.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I was taking a vacation with my friends after over a period of 18 months. It turned out to be very refreshing and relaxing for me. This trip was also different for me because Vanilla and I due to some things that we were going through were taking a break from the relationship. This was something that was different for me for we had been very close for the last many months but it turned out that we kept in touch nicely and overall the break went nicely for us.

On this trip I could do what I wanted to do and it also let me gauge as to where I had reached in the last 18 months with respect to my social skills and traveling skills and it let me think about what changes I saw in myself since the last time I was on a trip like this.  I feel very fresh after being back and I feel this new sense of inspiration  to give my best at my job, at the gym, to my relationships etc., and be in the moment, because as tiring as being disciplined and working hard might be but it is all worth it when you get to have time on your vacations to think about these things and feel good about. There is a sense of achievement that I felt while away on my trip because I had been working very hard and hadn’t had much time off in the last few months.


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