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March 21, 2013 / Vanilla Chocolate

Go Goa Next week!

Ever since I have started working since the June of 2011, this is the first time I am getting a chance to do a trip with some of my friends. My best friend and some of his friends and some of his friends of friends are going to Goa for the later part of next week. I am going to be joining them in Goa on Holi and going to stay with them for the rest of the week.

I feel excited about the trip. It might be a refreshing break from my usual work days routine. I am taking off of only two days but I will be getting a whole bunch of 5 days off. Holi – Which is a Wednesday + the weekend. I am trying to not think about it too much and I am going to try be in the moment and think about it when I am actually there. The past trips I have had to Goa haven’t been the greatest.

One was a sad and sorry school trip to Goa and Mumbai when I was in grade 8. On my second trip my best friend and I ended up going with a not so exciting group of guys, one of them would fake sickness to count him self out from going out in the nights. I actually fell sick on the trip and was scared to think that I had contracted the Swine Flu while on the train journey to Goa.

This trip will hopefully be better, one good part is that I am going to be spending my own money, so the drinks and partying can be on the house all we want. Hopefully everything will go great on the trip and I will raise a toast for being there with my friends when I am there! I would like to come up with some good experiences from the trip, that I could write about on this blog.



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