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February 10, 2013 / Vanilla Chocolate

Social Networking, (was) My Ass.

Last night I went out drinking with a couple of friends from college. We were meeting after long and it took some time and beer before we could start chatting up like we used to when we were in college. Both of them are quite social  and like to socialize even virtually,  when they are on some social networks like Facebook.

One of them was treating us for his birthday, the ironical part was that I had not wished him on his day but I was there taking the treat last night. We had been quite close in college and I was there to meet up than for the treat. As we got into the evening, the questions came up – “Why didn’t you wish me/him?”. I couldn’t have gotten away by saying that I did not know or remember. We are all on Facebook , and everyone literally is supposed to know what is going on with someone else in your network, if you’ve been close to them at an earlier point of your life.

I wondered about what it might have been that I did not care to wish him, even after I knew that he had his birthday from Facebook. I told them, “In all honesty, I don’t think wishing someone when you come to know about their birthday on Facebook would mean much. Would it ?”. I continued – “In fact I have not put up my date on Facebook, for the precise reason – I don’t  want a hundred insincere birthday wishes on my wall. I’d rather just get the 5 sincere ones from those who remember it”.  To my surprise one of them replied – “Well, it isn’t for yourself that you put your date up there, you do it so that you can help those who may want to wish you, remember it. You might feel bad for not having wished me, I feel bad I couldn’t call you. Had you had it on Facebook, I would have called and wished you.”

His argument made sense to me. It came from a completely different perspective than the one I had been aligned to. I was impressed. I thought to myself about how high headed I was being; how could I expect others to remember by birthday, I was nothing close to a national icon or anything. And Facebook was rather a good way for me to remind it to those who would want to wish me. Talking about things with people with different perspectives is great; it can bring forth things that make more sense.
For now I haven’t updated by birthday on Facebook. I might, I may not – I am going to wait to see how I feel about it.



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