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January 25, 2013 / Vanilla Chocolate

Outsourcing – Who took which jobs?

A lot of Americans cry foul that their jobs have been outsourced to countries like India and China and that they are losing jobs. I own a outsourced job  as well and would like to express how the other end of the coin feels like.

A lot of times people who work offshore do not have the liberty to decide which functionality/fields/technical environments they might want to work on. They cannot aspire doing things that they love because right from the beginning of their careers they are taught that it is professionally better to fall in love with what they do rather than do what they love.

I worked throughout the American holiday season doing night shifts in India. While the American’s had the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s eve with their families there were Indians slogging it out whenever it was needed of them to slog. There are clear differences in the way Indians and Americans are treated in my organization. The management would never bother an American on the weekends unless they had already informed them of such a possibility. Whereas, for their Indian counter parts phone calls are made irrespective of whether it is a weekend, night, day, festival. A couple of my American colleagues have themselves stated that we should look to do better things in life and what is going on with us is not fair. They have stated things like – “I have been in XYZ for 4 years now and you guys aren’t slaves, you should do something about it”.

There are over time hours during the weekdays and weekends and their are no extra allowances granted for that. An employee is used till he/she is needed and then rolled off away as though they never existed on the project. You get to have someone slog it out as though it was the end of their life or as if they were born to do what they being asked to do for all just a mere $700 a month. Many might argue that living costs aren’t as high in the third world,  so $700 is pretty good. But even if I save more than 30% of $700, for instance which countries can I travel to with savings of $200 a month? That isn’t even a 3 night’s stay in most developed countries.

I do not give you the wrong picture that I am not thankful for the job I have. I am really grateful that I have it and it lets me earn a living but the point is both sides of the coin – Outsourcing are not pretty. It not anyone’s fault but capitalism’s.

Every time that you think that someone in the third world took your job, just think of the person who is doing your job, they would be slogging away like a slave day in and day out with a fraction of what you get paid. If you think you don’t love your job, think of the person in the a first world country who wishes that they had any kind of job to go to. We should respect and acknowledge both sides of the coin.



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  1. veera / Mar 31 2013 8:52 am

    You nailed it to perfection.Correct post

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