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January 23, 2013 / Vanilla Chocolate

Demons in my head – RIP for now!

For the last few weeks I have been trying to keep track of my thoughts, especially the kind of thoughts that get my mood quick into the blue zone and make me feel any of the negative emotions like – sadness, anger, fear, frustration, disappointment etc. I have noticed that most times there is a pattern to my thoughts that bring me down or the same kind of thoughts tend to come up on my mind at different times.

I have several examples of such thoughts. like: I might be looking forward to read my latest favorite article, watch my favorite movie online or read a book that I had been long waiting to read. suddenly there might be some kind of a problem. Either the electricity goes off or the internet has a problem or anything at all that comes in my way to stop me from doing what I’d love doing. Till now everything is fine, the awful thought pattern hasn’t pitched in as yet. Right then I might think – “Oh, this happens every time with me, whenever I try doing something nice for myself, something gets in the way”, or “Well, this isn’t the first time power has gone off when I have been wanting to do something exciting, am I jinxed?” etc.

The example above is just one of several instances when your mere thoughts can burn your spirit down. I believe these thoughts are not good for you. Another example of such a thought would be – Say, you are about to enjoy your favorite high calorie meal and right then while you are having it and look down at your belly, you are reminded that you haven’t been making good use of your gym subscription, you might feel guilty and out of place. There is not much wrong with this thought but right thoughts at the right time is what we are looking for.

Other examples of our thoughts pulling us down would come in the face of adversity like – You lose your tickets, keys, money etc. or you miss a train/bus/flight etc. The after thoughts that you might have after these events might pull even further down. Then there are times when these thoughts reminding you that you made a blunder might come up at random times, at times like when you are enjoying your favorite show on TV!

At times I have observed that at times like when I am struggling with my career and having second thoughts about it, depressing thoughts that remind me of my problems might come up on my mind every now and then. I would have dealt with these thoughts at an earlier time too and they come up again and again in intervals to bring me down.

To handle my thought patterns I have decided be in control of my thoughts than let my thoughts be in control of me. I have decided that I am going to watch my thoughts and curb the negative ones as soon as I Identify them. It might also be helpful if one can be prepared with set answers to one’s thoughts that raise doubts in his/her mind. Like, if I have a certain thought that raises a question in my mind and comes up every now and then, I would deal with it at once. Make myself feel better about it with the answers that I can think of, deal with it and then try to remember the way that I dealt with it, the answer that I had to tell myself to the question raised by the thought, so that every time that I have a similar thought I can quickly quell it down and say to myself with a sigh – Demon in my head – RIP for now!

Can you relate to this post? What are some of the ways in which you deal with the demons in your mind? Do you have any suggestions?




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  1. mysteria / Feb 25 2013 1:40 pm

    In the world today, it is very challenging to stay positive. Our upbringing has a big factor on how we behave and think. If you are a pessimist, it probably stems from your childhood. I do not know how to reverse this thinking, but there are methods on dealing with it.

    • Vanilla Chocolate / Feb 25 2013 8:40 pm

      Generally I am a positive person but lately over the last few months I have noticed that at times my thoughts tend to pull my spirit down. Lately I have been trying to let go of such thoughts and it seems to be working in some ways. I try to filter out all the negative ones from my head. I have observed that in my day to day life keeping busy and doing activities like gym etc help me keep positive.

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