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January 22, 2013 / Vanilla Chocolate

Why are so many Indians Doctors and Engineers:

I personally dislike the fact that in India so many individuals have to give up on their personal individual professional desires and have to take up careers and jobs so seriously. I have pondered about the fact as to why Indians have such huge reputation of getting into professions like Medicine, Engineering etc.  A friend of mine came up with an interesting explanation:

He said that in the 80s and 90s when India was on the path of big development most people were only starting off with a better life-style than they had had in time before that. Parents in those times did not want their kids to have to go through what they had to go through, things like lack of amenities, lack of infrastructure (access to books, good education etc.) and a comfortable life. They wanted a rise in the living standards of their kids, With the ’91 FDI in IT and BPO sectors in India allowed, working in multi-national corporations became very lucrative, they offered good salaries by Indian standards which meant someone could rise up the life-style ladder with ease.

Other professions were kept out of mainstream and people thought that engineering and medicine were the only professions that could feed families.  Earning a good enough living was the main focus when it came to jobs, other jobs would have paid too less for people to be able to live relatively comfortable lives. I remember when I was growing up a lot of folks my age that I knew had this fascination that people from IIT’s were really intelligent and had great lives. They were almost worshiped in society. Everyone wanted to go there for an education. The fact that wages are too less for some of the other professions is what pushes Indians into the professions that they get into.

Things are slowly changing now, people are getting into more artsy professions, are becoming more business oriented. Hopefully things will turn for the good. In the mean while, I would say that some of our friends in the west are lucky for the wage rates are good enough to guarantee a comfortable life style for everyone, they should make the best of their passions.


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