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December 31, 2012 / Vanilla Chocolate

Life of Pi – My thoughts:

Last night I went out to watch Life of Pi. Vanilla and another friend of mine had already recommended it to me, telling me that it was a movie that made you think about your faith in God. That got me even more interested in the movie and to enhance my experience and so that I could absorb every ounce of the story I decided to watch it in the cinema, alone.

I was really enjoying the movie, I found Richard Parker and Pi’s interaction really amusing. I enjoyed the way Pi struggled on to survive on that life boat and reach civilization. Everything was going great but as soon as Pi told the other version of the story to the Japanese insurance men, something triggered in me. To think that well in fact the actual story might have involved humans – the nasty cook – hyena, Japanese Buddhist, – zebra, Pi’s mother – Orangutan, Richard Parker – Pi himself, it made me feel depressed. I wasn’t quite sure as to what was it that had hit me, I needed time to let it sink in into me.

I got back home and in a few hours was catching up on sleep, I had nightmares involving giant waves, seas, some evil and huge monstrous cars riding these waves with whole cities and towns in their way. I woke up and was semi asleep when I thought that well Pi’s both stories seemed parallel, what was different. There was only one difference, the story involving animals had an additional character – that of Pi himself.

I wondered if Richard Parker – the tiger who attacked the Hyena was Pi himself in the other version of the story that involved humans, maybe then Pi was God, who kept Richard Parker- the ingnorant human going on through all adversity and took care of him. And as soon as the human was out of trouble he forgot who had helped him and moved on into the wild.

I excitedly talked to Vanilla about my interpretation, she still needed some time to think about it. I was convinced that I made a lot of sense, probably too convinced. Just then while we discussed the movie and thought about different possibilities in interpreting the meaning of the movie Vanilla came up with her own interpretation which made a lot of sense to me. She wondered if the Richard Parker and Pi on the boat represented the same person. If Richard Parker was the fierce animalistic side of that person and Pi was the spiritual, kind, wise side of the person. They both could have survived only if they fended for each other together. The beast kept them safe from the hyena while the human made sure that they made sure they had enough to eat and didn’t do anything to jeopardize their lives. The human was so happy to see lightning as though he had seen God while it made no sense to the beast. When they  finally reached civilization, the beast was no more needed and it walked off into the forgotten realms of the person’s identity. The person was Pi.

What are some of your thoughts and interpretations of the LIfe Of Pi? How did you find the movie? What ways could you relate to it?



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