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October 16, 2012 / Vanilla Chocolate

This feels like LOVE:

Vanilla and I were having a random catch up chat and I was telling her about how I get away with so many adventurous streaks at work. How I take risks by taking on things that my seniors might think I wasn’t fit for or things that if my senior bosses knew were being assigned to me, they would take them away from me.

In sharing all these little, almost meaningless triumphs in my day to day life I sometimes feel like I have the pride of a conqueror and the excitement of a wild child. There were times when I felt joyful about these little things going on around me and shared them with Vanilla. Just as I did that, I remembered a quote from the movie: Into the Wild and the quote went something like: “Happiness is real when it is shared.” I wonder if I would ever be so excited about and feel proud of these futile things that I get up to every now or then. I believe there aren’t many people that you’ll meet in the world with whom when you share your joys and excitements that they triple or quadruple.

A true companion then is not the one who shares their tales with you when you start off telling them about yours, a true companion isn’t the one who tells you the place they’ve been to when you’ve just ended up telling them where you’re returning from. They don’t tell you that they found the Trafalgar square good when they were there a couple years ago just when you tell them you are returning from London. They instead ask about your travels and adventures and ups and downs and intently listen to you in joy and let you bask in the glory and experience the moment.

I am sure you have not given love enough chance to find you, until you’ve been able to make someone feel so joyful and unless they have had you bask in your own glory.



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