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October 15, 2012 / Vanilla Chocolate

How internet has changed the world?

There have been times when on the internet, I have come across news and reports about incidents happening across the world. Some of these incidents have had to do with reports of bullying, torture, trauma, the Taliban, corruption and a numerous other things that have been disturbing to know about. All such things have made me feel like the World is almost doomed, as if it is all gloomy.

Even, just the other day, after knowing about the girl from Pakistan who was shot by the Taliban because she supported eduction for women that had been banned in the SWAT province by the Taliban, I felt sad and disappointed about the incident. And I wondered if the world was treading on a path that lead to doom and gloom.

Having had the chance to think more about what’s going on around us, I feel that the usual feelings of doom and gloom that we feel after hearing about such incidents might in fact me misplaced and misleading. There are a lot of old folks who would say, “What is the world coming to?”. I believe that not too long ago when many of us did not have access to the internet, we would have never even realized that such things were happening across the globe. We would only know about whatever was happening right around us, but now with the internet, when something happens in the SWAT province in the Pakistan, the entire world knows about it, When a shoot out in a Gurudwara in Milwaukee happens, the world listens the gun-shots, when the EU takes measures to disown the countries of their sovereignty the World knows about it.

It is not only these incidents, there are so many other things that you can pick from the internet, from the lives and cultures of other peoples and countries that wouldn’t have even met and interacted with otherwise. I believe in the coming decades the world is only going to get closer, mediums like the world wide web are going to help the human race walk hand in hand. Internet had already played an important role through Social Networking during historical events like the Arab Spring.

It is amazing and powerful at the same time, to think that I can sit in my little room, somewhere in South India and write a post which an American might read and appreciate, or an African might comment and give their views on, from which a European might tell us about their experiences on cultural integration. I do not think the human race has ever been this powerful right from the beginning of time.

What are your views?

Cheers, Chocolate.


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