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April 27, 2012 / Vanilla Chocolate

India: Individuals come last.

I have found that in most spheres of the normal Indian life, individuals come in last and everything else is preferred over oneself.

The above thought struck me harder when I observed something common to the railways stations across cities like Hyderabad, Trivandrum etc. I was at the platform a few hours before my train was to depart from Trivandrum, I had been tired since we had been up early and traveled early morning to Trivandrum from Kovallam, in Kerala, in South India.

Kovalam beach Kerala, south India.

Beautiful Kovalam, the evening before.

With the hope of getting some much needed rest on one of the benches put in for passengers, I decided to take a quick nap. It was only 10 minutes into my nap when I had to wake up to a loud sound, it was from the advertisements in Malayalam that were being played on full volume at 5 AM on a television set right above the bench I was seated on. I was annoyed.

crowded indian railway station

Television in a Railway Station

Just then I wondered how ridiculous an idea it was and how inconvenient it might be for passengers who like me might be tired and in need of some calm before they commenced their train journeys. I was appalled to think how the comfort of the passengers was overlooked at the railway station itself,  just to earn some revenue. I don’t think it would even add remarkably to the revenue, I mean who would even be interested in those advertisements.

More than anything, what annoys me the most is that individuals seem to come last here. On a railway station one would expect for the needs of the passengers to be taken care of. Forget about their needs, here rather they were being annoyed  and inconvenienced. This attitude doesn’t just restrict itself to a few certain things, it “transcends” all spheres of life. Which is sad, where what is important isn’t given importance. The idea of treating people right seems to be non-existent.


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  1. rajchandran2013 / Mar 19 2013 1:26 pm

    Very true.. people in India dont realize it .. to suffer in silence pays your karmic debt, is the root of all these inconveniences; no body complains 🙂

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