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April 21, 2012 / Vanilla Chocolate

Why are Indians so rude?

With whatever limited exposure I have had to different cultures, societies and people, I have often observed that people from India come across as rude. I have often wondered why are Indians so rude?.

As anyone else might have observed it, be it air-ports, bus stations, malls,  anywhere, I have seen Indian people rushing out of queue, being pushy in queue, not following traffic rules,  being impolite and rude in giving way etc.

I was traveling aboard a tourist bus with a contingent that consisted mostly of Indians and Chinese people. I observed that both people had similar rudeness in behavior when it came to things like forming queues,  forming groups, giving way etc. I wondered, what was common between the Chinese and the Indians. Then, it struck me, what seems like ignorance to etiquette on the surface might be something deeper and more logical. Probably, because such people are grew up in heavily populated parts of the world, they have been conditioned to use what Darwin termed as -“Survival of the Fittest” mentality, which means that when they are in a crowded place they want to be the first ones to take way else their primitive brain, what scientists termed as the Amygdala makes them sub-consciously believe they are in danger. From experience they might have learned that if they do not push themselves ahead of the rest, they are left far behind.

It is not so much about these people or cultures then, it is about how nature has played out its hand in insuring our survival, it makes us adapt to whatever conditions we are put in. Had the same people been brought up in less crowded places they would have had more polite habits, had the people with polite habits been brought up in crowded places, they might have been different to how they are. Maybe, now we could all look at such people with more forgiving eyes when we see them being “rude“.

Indians might not have the niceties of wishing you “good morning” and say “Thank you” and “Please” ever so often. This might also have to do with the fact that with so many people around, you would not really want to wish everyone that you see, unless you want to run your throat dry.

I mentioned Indians being rude in this post; however I(Chocolate) am an Indian myself and while I was traveling through America came across several rude Americans. Some of the experiences from my trip then are here.

If you agree with me, please comment and let us know what you think. If you disagree, maybe we could enjoy adding another twist to the argument. Please comment!




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  1. Susie Q / Aug 15 2012 8:57 am

    People from India ARE very rude and materialistic . I work with a Indian woman and she is not too bright ….others complain all the time about how she is a total screw up but she never takes any responsibility for her mistakes . Several times I have had to call her and she always hangs up on me…doesn’t let me finish speaking! I don’t know what her problem is but apparently they are ALL rude! Must be a culture thing! She is a greedy , money hungry Biotch always bragging about her jewelry and how much she paid for stuff. Makes me wish India would be swallowed up in a sandstorm! Oh, and they smell….bad!

    • Vanilla Chocolate / Sep 3 2012 11:43 pm

      Well I kind of get it that the Indian woman at your work might be a “total screw up” and all the bad stuff that you say she is, but have you ever thought if it is more because of how she is as an individual than because of the fact that she is an Indian ? I am sure there must be many people from other races as well who might behave similarly! Any thoughts ?

      • Vanilla Chocolate / Sep 3 2012 11:53 pm

        On another thought on your comment, I think that possibly the woman or say Indians (if you feel all of them do it) might talk about money a little more because they spend a good part of their lives doing work that they are paid peanuts compared to the developed world. When they have spent a good part of their lives trying to meet basic needs and necessary things they might value money somewhat more than some of their western counterparts.

    • Maria / Jun 10 2013 1:06 pm

      Yes i agree indian are rude. I have an Indian neighbour. He is greedy, rude and has a big mouth. He has sons and they loved playing loud Bollywood dance till 1 am in the morning. The guy talked to me like i am a servant who comes from a low class. Later, I thought because i am a lady so he saw me lower than him. What a bastard!
      He talked differently to me and husband. He appears to be more slightly polite towards a guy.
      He always parks in front of my house too! Ohhhh what an annoying arse.. My neighbour from hell! Why can’t I have a normal nice neighbour?

      • Danisha / Aug 11 2013 3:38 pm

        Indian men are mostly rude. Mainly, it is because of the lack of respect toward women in their culture, and it is probably the caste system .Yesterday, some Indian man bugged me at the gym. I was using a static bike for just 40 mins and he preached me not to use the bike forever,,well, It was just a 40 min riding. I was so upset because I never did something like that to other people at the gym. I didn’t want to get in trouble with some random Indian man so I just left. He was super rude and such an embarrassment.I hope your neigbour won’t bother you again! I am still upset though:(:(

      • SuperAyaj / Feb 29 2016 1:46 pm

        Yes…they treat Ladies as inferior…even if they are born here, they learn this behaviour from their parents! I am from indian origin, that how how i know this…and i haaaate them!

    • Faisal / Oct 30 2013 9:49 am

      Haha ure name sounds chinky why don’t you be a little less racist n try open your eyes…oh sorry forgot U can’t LOL n you chinkies stink of fish 🙂

      • hate indian / Mar 2 2014 7:27 am

        Faisal, you are a piece of dirt, useless piece of poop, people like you should disappear in the air, there is no room for you to spread your ill minded racist comment, get real you know you are a piece of dirt,don’t you.

      • Rodge / May 9 2014 10:12 am

        There goes a classic example!

      • SuperAyaj / Feb 29 2016 1:52 pm

        Shit the F up!!! Indians are rude especiallly men and everyone hate them In USA. I, being of indian origin but not indian, i get hatred from the white, black etc just because i look indian. They all know that Indians dont say hello or thank you…so wherever i go, no one say hello to me…thnks to you all rude indians!

    • Comefollowme (@Comefollowme33) / Mar 26 2016 9:18 am

      Just got treated very rudely from the indian cleark at a gas station. They are just plain rude by nature. All of them.

      • sureashell / Oct 6 2016 1:30 pm

        You said it. One ugly bunch they are.

    • harry / Apr 9 2016 12:36 pm

      Hi Suzie i am very impressed with your statement. Can we talk more on this issue

    • Harry / Oct 30 2016 6:23 am

      Yes , I’ve observed one thing about most of my fellow Indians too especially in northern region of the country where I belong. They wouldn’t wait to let you finish your answer. Hahahahahaha it makes me feel very awkward and i loose interest in the two way communication process. Indians are unnecessarily in hurry most of the time and just because of their fast rate of speech they don’t value the people who speak softly and in a relaxed manner.

    • raju / Sep 18 2017 10:23 pm

      you susie q you’re jealous of indians ha ha ha

  2. Cash / Aug 26 2012 8:58 am

    Let’s get on point. After spending some time at Niagara, white people were out numbered 200 to one. People from India are the rudest, ignorant, sneakiest people I’ve ever come in contact with. They just plain smell like pigs. The Body Oder was horrendous. I wanted to through them oner the falls. Cutting the line is a slap in the face. It’s like saying “Get the f___ out of my way. I’m a 340 lb 6’4 man, I don’t get out of the way for any one except children and handycapped. I had to take a man by the back of the head and though him in the back of the line because he though he would sneak under my wife’s arm. Just from this experience, I hate people from India. Stereo typing, well I spent 2 days with 4000 India people and not one had any respect for any one. Ignorant little bastards. If you ask me, they are the cursed race. Is it me or do they all seem a little retarded, slow and stupid. Educated, vocabulary and book smart is possible even to a mentally challenged person but they lack common sence and fail to grasp reality. Before they come to good old USA, they need to have a good old American ass wooping. They need to be taught decentcy is more important then value and kindness will get you further then ignorance. If your an Indian reading this understand this, cut in line again and I will beat you down like a dog. Touch my wife in line and I’ll break your neck. Push my kids out of the way and I’ll end you life. I don’t disrespect you or your family, don’t do it to mine or it will be your last.

    • Vanilla Chocolate / Sep 3 2012 11:49 pm

      At places like the Niagara falls with a lot of crowd around it can get really annoying at times yes. Even in some places in India it might get very crowded and annoying. Did you not think after reading the article that all these Indian people who cut lines etc. do it because they are used to it from back home? I mention in my post that it could probably be due to the fact that over time they are conditioned to do some of the things that they do. I do not agree with you that doing that makes them a cursed race. I am pretty sure that they do not mean to disrespect your family or mean harm, they might just be used to look for the shortest possible path in terms of distance and time when they are stuck up in a crowded place.

      • dontworry / Apr 5 2013 2:12 pm

        “they might just be used to look for the shortest possible path in terms of distance and time when they are stuck up in a crowded place”
        well ingeneered euphemism 🙂
        in civilised society we call it just “cheating”

      • Vanilla Chocolate / Apr 5 2013 2:54 pm

        For the comment that says “in civilized society its called cheating – Yeah i guess we could call it cheating 😉 but that seems like a shallow approach to try and understand the reasons of a problem and what causes it.

      • discardedbylife / Aug 24 2014 11:14 pm

        Only Indians support Indians. Think about that.

      • sureashell / Jun 29 2016 11:21 am

        I totally agree with the comments about the obnoxious practices and attitudes of the Indian. An Indian abroad must be relatively well off. If even such a person cuts queue, parks in front of your house, is pushy, loud, noisy, boorish, sneaky, smelly and uncivilized then they are, I agree, one accursed race. Like someone hit the nail on the head: taking such short cuts is nothing but plain vanilla ‘cheating’ in civilized society.

    • H / Nov 16 2012 10:13 am

      It’s a shame you have to “hate” an entire race of people based on one experience. One word from your rant caught my eye, “Ignorant”.

      • Richard / May 27 2015 7:50 am

        Ignorant no they are all assholes and I wish all of them would go back to their dirty countries and muslims too

    • A / Dec 12 2012 10:49 am

      from now on i am just gonna cut every 340 lb white american in a line and make sure i push his wife and knock the kids out too. and you wont be able to do shit. i really hope i run into you some day. fucking uneducated piece of shit

      • veera / Mar 31 2013 8:31 am

        lol,i totally get ur irritation and sorry about all that happened to you,being indian it is after visiting US for first time I realized people are really well mannered and nice there(except few exceptions anyway).But i think it is just cultural thing.Most of the indians are not taught to respect others these days though it is sad I dont see it changing in coming years.But recent boom in IT has given opportunity to indians to explore other parts of world and know other cultures too.I hope atleast that popuation remains good!

      • indian / Apr 27 2013 1:28 am

        340lb white American hahahahaha

      • Jerry sprague / Oct 31 2014 7:54 am

        You fuckin dirty Hindu bastard fuck!! Go ahead and cut white folks in line and put your hands on us and see what happens. Mother fuckers end up dead, just as Martin Luther king. This is the USA, this is not your home goddamn scum bags.. You’ll get yours and always loose here

      • sureashell / Jun 29 2016 11:26 am

        That’s exactly why Indians are wanted out of the civilized west, This sort of medieval attitude as displayed by you. Instead of seeing the problem objectively you shoot the messenger. Indians parachute to well off countries to cream an easy living as compared to the struggle it takes to build up and grow in their own country. And having allowed them asylum then they act like this. Ungrateful wretches.

    • lejepson / Feb 21 2013 11:09 pm

      There is no excuse for being rude no matter what country you are in. It’s like the old “german nazi’s”. They thought they were gods gift and everybody else was inferior. The East Indians seem to want to exude that fact, and they are the visitors in our country.
      I had a teller at Suntrust holler over at me 3 lines over with several people in each line that “how is your loan going – Larry” (she met me once and she is using my name in familiar fashion and raising voice), and shouting what should be discreet information. Guess Suntrust has to put up with it because when I told the manager about this personal faux pas she apologized without any real meaning.

      This is not out of the orinary behavior for East Indian, Pakistan, or anybody from that area – they are just rude people!

      • Faisal / Oct 30 2013 10:06 am

        Think you’ll find your wrong mate, it’s only rich bastard Indians who are like this, poor working class Indians aren’t arrogant, but you don’t get them in America like you get them in Britain because America wanted professionals from India to immigrate not factory workers like Britain wanted

    • nana / Aug 4 2013 5:27 am

      clearly, you are being rascist. you are just looking at ONE PERSON! please, you need to learn that India is a highly populated country where people are competitive. Not all indians are rude. if you give them respect, they will give it back to you. they just dont have the same culture. and you need to understand that you are focusing on the negative things about indians. instead of looking at how hard they work, you are looking at ONE PERSONS behavior and cursing the race…please, grow up and imagine how you would feel if i said your race was cursed because ONE PERSON from your race cut me! rascist people are just never going to welcome people.

      • SusieQ / May 23 2016 8:24 am

        When in Rome do as the Romans do. Same goes for America. I wouldn’t go to another country and disrespect their people. And it’s more than just “one”… It’s EVERY Indian fuck I’ve ever met, the one I work with just annoys me more because I have to work with the stupid, lazy, stinky fuck!

      • Whitepride / Jul 29 2016 10:48 am

        Yep I wholeheartedly get what you are saying! I live in CA and most of the men and women are rude and arrogant! They think they are it! I look the effects up and down and don’t bother with them! They think they are God’s gift to the world, yet they come from such a shithole!

    • Faisal / Oct 30 2013 9:59 am

      I’d like to see you try mate, not all us Indians are cowardly Hindu dogs. Us Muslims aren’t afraid of no one. My dad was in the British armed forces, I’ve done boxing since I was a little kid, is f**k u up without even trying mate, don’t care I’d your a 300lb walrus, I’m 220lb 6ft 1 n would kick f**k outta u. Arrogant yank b*****d ure lucky all then Indians in your country are soft middle class Hindu types. Try starting on a working class Indian like me you’ll get ure arse handed to u

      • Ryan / Jan 4 2014 12:25 am

        Way to support your country by calling all Hindu’s cowardly dogs! And then to go on and say that you want to fight this guy because your this “big”. I’m from Canada – known to many as the nicest country in the world. And guess what – everyone I know has a bad experience with someone from India. You people live in a much different world than the west. And this is often the excuse for your behaviour. Your culture is different – ok – so adapt or move back. Western culture will never back your insane social or religious norms. Religion and government are separate, women have equal rights. We don’t have massive slums and probably the largest poverty gap in the world. Indians come from a country which is basically 3rd world – so no one taught you manners? What about all the other immigrants that come here? I’ve met Thai, Chinese, French, African – you name it, Canada has it. Most immigrants are impoverished and had to fight real hard just like Indian’s to get to the west and better life. And I think that is great but don’t come to our country observe all your customs and no of ours and expect respect. Chinese people are right beside you and not much further away is Japan. These two cultures have rich deep history and specific societal and social norms yet they know when your in another country you must do as they do. Have Indians never heard of the classic expression; “When in Rome do as the Romans do.”

        If I ever go to Japan, I’ll be happy to bow, take off my shoes and sit down for an authentic Japanese dinner. It seems to me like Indians develop some inflated ego when they leave India – this could be because of money or because they were instilled with some racial superiority paradigm. It doesn’t really matter why because an excuse does not make any of it right. I honestly don’t think this is a racial issue at all. If a mexican or an american person were to grow up in India under the same conditions they would probably come out as some greedy self entitled prick. However as soon as they set foot on their ethnic country (America lets say) people there would look at them like Americans. And I can tell you that you would get a collective ass whooping from all of them. It doesn’t happen right now because you look like a stereotypical Indian and people actually give you guys sooo much leeway because we know your foreign. We do this for all foreigners but my patience has run out after my third run in with a rude, arrogrant, inappropriate doctor.

        I was in the hospital for a severe anxiety attack because and Indian doctor would not give me my meds – I could have died and a doctor at the Hospital told me that he gets like 10 a week from my Doctor Balsdeep Deepa Takhar. He even suggests to all his patients to complain since he cannot. I then spoke with another doctor (on-call psychiatrist). He was Indian which worried be right away. He came in very crass asking me questions I had already answered to about 4 other people. I told about my condition etc, his bedside manner was very deadpan – Indians don’t seem to know what sympathy is. He asked about my family I told him my father died about 9-10 months ago from cancer. Instead of continuing to ask me health related questions he began to grill me about my fathers death date which I couldn’t recall with absolute accuracy. I was sleep deprived and going though extreme panic attacks – I came there in an ambulance that’s how serious it was. So I told him I wasn’t sure but that it was during the late summer. He then asked well who would know? I said my mom would. He asked for her number but she had just moved so I didn’t know it. He then asked for my room mates phone number asking if she would remember, I told him probably not (why would they remember – not their dad) but gave him her number anyway. He was judging me because I couldn’t remember. This was extremely aggravating especially for someone in my condition. There was absolutely no reason for this line of questioning other than his own sick twisted sense of curiosity. The only reason why I was in the hospital was because my “doctor” also Indian (big surprise) refused to give me my medication. In short he is an asshole so was the other one and my family physican was indian while I was growing up. When my father got really ill and saw this shithead Doctor called Jagdish Desai ( Srry Indian names are the dumbest) he put my Dad on a yogurt diet. A month later my dad’s colon exploded and he was rushed to the hospital. Desai ran no tests or anything to determine what was really wrong with my Dad. He died 6 years later. Desai retired – end of sad story. 3 asshole indians, 2 male, 1 female. I will never ever let my self or someone I love be looked after by an Indian again. I’d sooner go out to the reservation and have the North American Indians ( the nice one) do a rain dance.

        The sad truth is, is that the predominantly white countries are the wealthiest and by no surprise that’s where everyone wants to go. Australia, Canada, America, Western Europe hell even Japan. There really isn’t excuse for why a country of 1 Billion people can’t improve their GDP other the fact of your huge poverty and scholastic gaps. Canada has 30 million approx. people, Indian has about 1 billion yet there GDP per capita is horrible. Don’t get me wrong, India has money but only a select few have it, like the rich and big government. India ranks 133 for GDP per capita, this is an average. The average North American makes about 35,000-50,000/year. The average Indian makes 2,000-5,000/year (USD/ID). India is a terribly poor country with little no social responsibility. It is literally a dog eat dog world, sometimes its a human eat dog world too lol.

        My message to any Indian people reading this is simple. Assimilate or extricate – your in the west then fucking act like it. Don’t like our customs or all the money or all the social responsibility for the poor here or the total religious freedom or gender equality? Then go BACK to India – we don’t need any more quasi-religious self serving douche bags then we already have. And just food for thought but I’m guessing most Indian’s have no clue how Canadian law works. So yeah get in a fight with a Canadian or an American, you don’t know the culture or how things work here – you will find your self in jail quick or a one-way ticket to mumbai. Next Indian person that gives me any fucking lip is gunna get it right back and I double slum-dog dare you to take a swing. FYI it’s fucking rude for you to speak your native tongues loudly in front of other people. if what you’re saying is so fucking secret then whisper it in your friends ear – english, hindi or whatever – this applies to anyone and everyone. I’m also done tipping Indians just because they’re not even truly thank-full. They want to drive around in their cabs pretending it’s India, listening to their screechy shitty music, fine I’ll give you no tip just like all the poor people in India would. How about that for equality?

        PS most indian’s are tiny little fucks, I have no idea about Hindu’s being weaker but you’re all either anorexic or bald middle aged and fat (surely from a vegetarian diet). The scariest thing about an Indian person is the harsh way they talk. Fighting wise Indian’s are very low on my scale, Thai, Chinese, Japanese – at least they know how to fight. Even a Russian is spookier. All I think of when I say the word Indian is unibrows and curry neither of which strike fear. Stop trying to defend your impetuous and ignorant ways because if you’re pissing off Canadian’s (im not the only one) then surely YOU are doing something wrong – fix it or fuck off. Amen!

      • sureashell / Jun 29 2016 1:13 pm

        That was an honest and genuine appraisal of the Indian and their dismal sick attitudes. You speak with feeling and sincerity. I guess a lot of the whites feel like that. Like the Chinese premier said yesterday Indians are a smug, self centred, self righteous, irritating bunch. Quite true there again. Some twisted sense of superiority they have which is not borne out by any of their actions, behaviour or attitudes.

      • jenifer / Aug 6 2017 9:56 pm

        be it a hindu or a muslim ,an indian origin’s person is likely to be a cheat,impolite ,showing off and think ownself superior just as,they act being civilized which they can never be!

    • indian / Aug 22 2014 4:59 pm

      Motherfucker if u don’t like indians then don’t talk to them.. what u think indians r fool..
      Don’t even dare to think of beating an indian

    • Cash The Doosh / Aug 30 2014 11:40 pm

      Hey Cash, I’m 6’0″ and 220 pounds. How about I end your life if you don’t get out of MY way. You have a typical bully mentality and need your ass handed to you. BTW I’m not Indian, I just have a problem with idiots like you who like to push around and intimidate anyone that’s smaller. I’m smaller than you, but I assure you I’d put you on your ass before you even had a chance to raise your fat ham fist. Also, good job on starting a conversation with all your tough guy threats and posturing, but not coming back to answer the replies. You’re a POS.

      • Jerry sprague / Oct 31 2014 8:03 am

        It’s pretty easy to talk shit and be tough on the internet you little fucking faggot. You’re obviously a fucking sand nigger bitch

    • Pat / Aug 19 2015 4:06 am

      You hit the nail on the head !
      You should come to australia and experience in the Indians here my god
      They are the most arrogant ignorant self centered people we australia as ever come across,
      And yes they are literally put simply (simple)
      And no one else had mentioned here but they give you the most blank bland death stare it really irritates me I was so close to knocking out this tribe of Indians who wouldn’t break eye contact with my for over 1 minute

      • discardedbylife / Aug 20 2015 7:49 pm

        Yes, the death stare!


      • Cedrick / May 22 2017 6:43 am

        I so agree with you. I am currently verbal bullying with these group of Indian people at the mall. It started like this, there was this guy who constantly staring at me and seemingly was interested ( or wanted to have fun with me). I felt intimidated and uncomfortable when he did that. He went to our shop for refilling some water (obviously flirting). At first, I treated him nice as I gave him a good respect but it turned out when he acts weird and all of his b*llshit male workers were now staring and gossiping at me (if they’re not busy). I am really not interested in him and I already have a boyfriend so I snubbed and stop treating him nicely.

        Because he probably felt rejected, he maybe spread some nonsense lies against me (perhaps he told them I am racist or something which isn’t really true). This is the beginning that I was verbally bullied with multiple (not all) Indian employees within the mall. That guy, I must say has an atrocious disrespectful towards women. My neighbour from my workplace starts surveying me like a criminal every time while I was working or had a break time and she probably wants to gossip to her ‘oh-so-great’ friends. They sometimes laugh when I accidentally caught them gossiping while glaring at me. Afterwards, while I was work quietly and peacefully, they always make any other way to disturb my work and pretended like he was asking for something nonsense talk or just walk across to check me.

        I suffered this kind of situation in a year and months. Even I work quietly, they still continuously doing this such immature verbal bullying. They were acting like young brats want to pick up a fight or some problems towards a person like me. I am an educated person, working in abroad currently work at the small food shop for paying my food and rent while studying my new course and now, encountered with these immature sh*tty brats bullying me with their obvious goals wanting me to resign.

        And oh…what’s the worst of all, one of them prank calling at our shop and talk like a shit playing like a dumb trash. And second, one of them submitted a CV in order me to felt annoyed ( he knew he will never be accepted and obviously had a better job). I had enough of this and this si torture to me, because of them, I am planning to resign thanks to this f*cking racist bully pigs.

        I never experience like this when I used to live from a capital city and move to another huge city for some important reason. And I have to say, they’re the rudest race I’ve ever encountered. However, not all of them. I actually, met the nicest or educated Indian people are the ones who’s not born and raise from mainland India and Fiji island.

        And that’s it…. this is the funniest thing I’ve ever encountered. They’re so unprofessional and acting like immature brats… probably that’s their culture….being arrogant is the BEST for them in order to survive…well…f*ck off…

    • Taylor / Oct 10 2015 11:36 am

      Cash I’m white american that’s been to Niagara plenty of times and everything you wrote was crap. First of all how do you even KNOW if these people are Indians? You don’t, you can’t just look at someone and guess their ethnicity, it is inaccurate and impossible. They could be mexicans, natives, middle eastern, fijians, guyanese, mixed race, the list goes on. The fact that your ASSUMING that they are Indian is the problem right there, clearly your trying to find an excuse to pick on them. Also the fact that you wanted to push someone down due to the colour of their skin is psychotic, you clearly need mental help. The only people we should deport are people like you. Just because you had a bad experience with a few people it doesn’t mean BILLIONS of people act the exact same way. Also Niagara is a pushy place to begin with because it is overcrowded, crowds will cause tension and you’ll come across a few bad apples, that is common knowledge. If you have such a problem with other cultures and races then simple leave this country and move to Antarctica, America is a progressive country and isn’t a place for pathetic racists like you.

    • Whitepride / Jul 29 2016 10:47 am

      Yep I wholeheartedly get what you are saying! I live in CA and most of the men and women are rude and arrogant! They think they are it! I look the effects up and down and don’t bother with them! They think they are God’s gift to the world, yet they come from such a shithole!

    • sureashell / Oct 6 2016 1:32 pm

      I sure as heel empathise with your experience and comments. I agree the Indians are one poorly behaved selfish bunch of lots.

  3. Lyn / Sep 30 2012 8:20 pm

    Wow, you seem to attract interesting readers, who only look for bashing a part of humanity. Open-minded individuals, indeed;)

    I am not sure if I would call Indians particulary rude. Of course, there are situations (like taking the train in Mumbai) which can be compared to war scenarios where rudeness prevails. But then, the train stops for exactly 10 seconds, there are 20 people in your compartment wanting to get off, 20 outside wanting to get in – and only one door.. Be assured I shove and I push to get out. And I am not Indian but German.

    At least when it comes to interactions with people from different strata the “rudeness” stems from the hierarchical order which is prevalent in India. A person who is seen as a servant or “lower class”
    won´t be respected as equal and therefore doesn´t deserve politeness. Within the US equality is an important value and therefore politeness is a mandatory factor in any interaction.

    Having said that, being rude or being polite is only a cultural concept. What “we” find normal and polite – like building a queque – might not mean anything to people from other cultures. While things which are normal to us, are impolite in other cultures. For example saying “no” when asked for the way but not knowing the answer is impolite in India therefore the person asked rather gives you false information. For a foreigner this might be annoying but it is a cultural standard one has to get used to.


    By the way, the Amygdala is only a PART of the brain stem, sometimes termed the reptile brain since, contrary to the Neo Cortex (which developed later within the human development) – as you pointed out right – it controls the survival instincts…

    • Vanilla Chocolate / Oct 2 2012 5:34 pm

      I think as long as people are open to discussing things out and are at-least ready to take a chance to let go of irrational prejudices, I welcome them.
      You’ve made some very interesting points. I have noticed it myself that a lot of Indians while pushing their way through queues and as such don’t even seem to realize that they are being rude. It’s very possible that they just don’t perceive it as something rude. This idea adds a whole another dimension to the topic, where rudeness or politeness might just be matter of different cultures. Something rude in one culture might be completely normal or polite in another culture.
      Different treatment being vet out to people who from different strata of society is something that has been long present in Indian culture.
      Another interesting point to note is that I have noticed Indian people at work (I work in an MNC) being more polite to foreigners than they are to their compatriots. The change in their tone and manner in which they interact is very different.

      • SusieQ / May 23 2016 8:29 am

        If they don’t realize they are being rude then how am I supposed to realize I’m being racist?

      • sureashell / Jun 29 2016 1:19 pm

        But how can breaking a queue not appear rude. Snatching another man’s food/ thing – does that too not appear rude for the Indian? After all these are but elementary human sensitivities. And do not tell that these Indians doing these were a deprived lot. If they could study in colleges and take plane to come to the US – surely they cannot be considered as slum dog deprived to be unable to distinguish between infringing another man’s right and one’s own requirement.

      • sureashell / Dec 11 2017 4:09 pm

        It is understandable if the Indians we interact are behaving poorly since they are from underprivileged backgrounds but all of them are the better off lots who have moved to other countries and seeing this set behaving that way is inexcusable. The way they stick to you in queues, the lack of appreciation to the concept of personal space et al. A basic sensitivity to the fellow human and his reactions are enough for any person to pick up these graces. One need not even be well read even.

    • Margot Lasalle / Jul 3 2016 10:37 pm

      Like your story…. You are lucky you don’t live in Canada.
      Try to work in the same office with them

  4. Vihang / Oct 6 2012 3:04 pm

    Nice to see that there are still open minded people around…I see a lot of people think Indians are rude. But that is not the case. We grew up in a place where there are less resources and more people to cater, maybe that is one reason they are like that. But rest assured all Indians are not like that. And I’ve also Lived in Sydney, Australia and I had my fair share of rude experience with people of that country. But that does not make me think that Australians are rude…

    • Vanilla Chocolate / Oct 6 2012 10:23 pm

      @Vihang – You are right, how a person behaves would generally always boil down to how an individual is, rather than where they belong to. I think Lyn made an interesting comment that many times people might not even be aware that a certain thing they are used to doing is rude in other culture.
      What were some of your rude experiences in Australia that you had ?

    • Lyn / Oct 8 2012 7:07 pm

      When it comes to building queques I also think that the concept of personal space plays a role.

      Edward T. Hall distinguishes between 3 spaces (intimate, social/consultative, public) and argues that these spaces vary accoding to cultures. Meaning that for example U.S. Americans need more space for themselves to be comfortable, while Indians are used to and more comfortable when being closer to other people. Therefore it isn´t a sign of being “rude” but simply the attempt to be comfortable when Indians are looking for physical proximity.

      An example for that are the Super Markets in India. While I belong to a culture where body contact isn´t wished for and people keep physical distance, going to a Super Market in India is just awfully dreadful for me: the ailes are too small, there are too many people and it is too loud. Funnily I read an article some month back that the restricted space isn´t due to property prices but to satisfy the Indian customers who want to “be close to others” and appreciate when the “purchase experience reminds of a family outing”.

      The resource approach you used is something to think about!

      You are right concerning generalizations.
      When people don´t have the chances or means or will to actually get to know people from other cultures they only have those one or two people they met at work (or people on TV). And if these two weren´t liked, people tend to generalize. That makes intercultural understanding quite difficult.

      • Vanilla Chocolate / Oct 14 2012 10:16 pm

        The topic of personal space is an interesting one! I have a colleague who got back to India after spending 6 months working in the US. He made a remark that people in the US are conscious of their personal space and he told us about incidents where if he went and stood too close to some of the people, they would seem uncomfortable and take a step back. Edward T. Hal might very well be right in his theory.

        However, I do not think i would apply the physical proximity argument to justify as to why Indians might be pushy through queues and be bad at giving way. I think that just stems out of having that “rush signal” on in their heads!

      • Lyn / Nov 19 2012 6:28 am

        Funny thing is that then the people who prefer literally closer relationships would take a step forward to be comfortable again. The partner of conversation would take one back and so forth…

        The fact that Indians are “bad at giving way” is connected to their fear to lose face. There are many cultures in which saying “no” isn´t culturally accepted, therefore people either give vague answers or make things up. Again, people from other cultures might find that rude but it is the exact opposite. Long enough in the culture one learns the subtle nuances in language and how to read body language.

      • varahramroz / Nov 22 2017 3:00 pm

        Hi Lyn. Your comment is nice but I am not totally agree with you. It is right that culture define the world for people, e.g, the concept of space, but people can correct their mistakes through reflection especially when they migrate to other countries and have the opportunity to understand their annoying behaviours. I used to be open minded but I started to be more realistic and accepted people are responsible for their behaviours. I do prefer to keep the distance with indian people as based on statistics the possibility that they behave annoying without any reflection and responsibility is very high.

  5. Sam / Oct 14 2012 6:56 am

    I have had mostly bad experiences with people from India, and Pakistan. One experience will reduce my lifespan because of something which 2 immigrants from India did to me. After the event which I will never forget happened I was exposed to Indians and Pakistani’s (originally Indians within the last 100 years) My experiences afterwards were constantly bad, so even though I don’t believe in racism I felt protective around them since I have had almost all bad experiences with them. My only experiences which weren’t bad were 5 people I conversed with whose ancestries were from either of those countries. Three of the people were first generation immigrants to the USA from India all were men 2 were middle aged, 1 was in his 20’s. The other 2 were a woman in her mid to late 20’s of 100% Indian descent born in the USA, and a first generation Pakistani immigrant in his late 20’s. All positive experiences happened different times in different cities. I have had at least 700 negative experiences with Indians and Pakistanis. However although many of my bad experiences were the result of South Asians, I have also had bad experiences with blacks from the USA, Caribbean, Africa, as well as black Arabs from Asia, not to mention whites of various nationalities of European, Orientals from many countries except for Japan or Indonesia, both Ashkenazi and Ethiopian Jews, Levant Arabs, and few Latino people so I cannot blame Indians or stereotype them. However, although I realize everyone is different I have become less trusting to Indians as recently a week and a half ago I began to regain trust for them and was back stabbed (metaphorically). As far as the rudeness and being cheap I have experienced this with them at a higher percentage than many other races, although it occurred less often with more exposure it has happened with various other races so I cannot point the finger. If I were to give all of them who are rude or snakelike an excuse I would be ignorant. So I cannot lie and say this is a result of being raised in overcrowded environment’s, or that they do not mean to act rude and are innocent when they disrespect me with verbal insults, or interrupting me before I can begin speaking. I have forgave all who have done wrong to me and realize that although I often trust others too quickly I should realize most people are self centered and although honest, respectful, affectionate people exist they are often far outnumbered by the unethical. So even though much evil exists in the South Asian society this doesn’t limit it to them. Also the creator of the Tariq Foundation was South Asian and he must have good intentions. His son was murdered in a random gang initiation killing and he forgave the murderer, instead of seeking revenge. This is something I would find very difficult and cannot imagine if someone were to kill my offspring whether it be son or daughter. After learning about this foundation it helped me to remember the importance of forgiveness and think about how malice destroys the avenger.

    • Vanilla Chocolate / Oct 14 2012 10:08 pm

      Sam – All that you have said is quite touching. Even through my post or my comments I do not mean to excuse “snakelike” behavior. Something that is out-rightly unethical and inhumane is outright wrong. Although, I could go on to say that even some of the behavioral aspects like back-stabbing and cutting you short while you are speaking etc. might have some cultural roots. I personally believe that the Indian culture at times can be hypocritical. In a joint-family system you might come across elders- aunts and uncles who are controlling and judgmental of things that are going on in your own personal life. I do not know too much about such behaviors that might be prevalent in other cultures as well but I can say that being an Indian myself, I too have thought that the Indian culture at times is hypocritical.

      It is not a matter of surprise then that corruption, unethical professional conduct etc. are great concerns for the south Asian countries. People in these countries might be de-sensitized to all such malice and accept it.

      In my view there is no excuse for out-right inhumane behavior that has malicious intentions behind it. However, if you would go on to tell us about some of the ill behaviors that you have come across
      from people from India/Indian origin, we might get to enlighten ourselves more on some of the things that are going wrong with respect to Indians and India and the ways in which people from India seem to be ruder than others.

      Thanks for being open and honest in your comment.
      Cheers, CHOCOLATE

    • dontworry / Apr 5 2013 3:45 pm

      the real problem appears when you try to explain politely something obvious (for you), and you meet their immediate anger.

  6. Alexandra / Oct 16 2012 1:59 am

    Interesting post and comments, I just want to add one thing to this discussion.
    I think it’s difficult to say that people from a certain origin are more rude than others, I think that what is considered as rude differs a lot from country to country. So it’s difficult to generalise what’s rude in general, perhaps it’s better to connect it to where we ourselves come from. What I as a Swedish person considers rude is surely different from what Indian people or people from any other country thinks is rude.. I would say that it’s connected to our culture and it’s good to understand the customs of other countries before you go there so that you know what good etiquette is etc, perhaps if everyone was more considerate and understanding of eachother and other cultures we wouldn’t have as many culture chocks, but maybe that’s a dream world, hehe 🙂 just some thoughts on the topic.. Nice blog! 🙂

    • Vanilla Chocolate / Oct 16 2012 5:07 am

      Thanks for commenting!

      I would agree that when it comes to judging if a behavior is rude we tend to connect it to where we ourselves come from. Funnily, after I had the chance to travel abroad to the US after so many years in India, my eyes were opened and I realized how kind and nicely people could behave. I had never seen such politeness and grace in public places anywhere in India and it was amazing to see such a thing. Then I got back to India and had swarms of people streaming past me, elbowing me, nudging me all in a haste to get onto the next train or the bus, and I would think to myself “Oh how rude is that, ouch , and again..!!” But then I realized that feeling that way was a waste of time, because the whole context had changed, all the people storming past me would never in a dream think that the little elbow nudge, the little foot stamp could be such a big deal. So I just had to tell myself that I was better off getting myself into the race to catch the next bus in time, rather than waste time bothering who it was who had just stamped by foot! 😛 🙂

    • clare / May 15 2013 4:40 am

      Your answer is bang on the buck. It really added depth to the conversation

  7. Sam's mommy / Oct 26 2012 8:15 am

    I am of Indian origin and have lived in US for the pas 9 yrs. I don’t know if my behavior comes across as rude to other people. But I do acknowledge that Indians who have newly arrived from India seem rude to me. I hope that I didn’t behave in such a manner when I arrived in US. I have never broken a line in my life (in India or here). I hate it when people do. I was recently in an insect fair in central PA, where americans constantly tried to cut and push us out of line. They always pretended that they didn’t know that a line existed. So I think in a huge crowd people of any race would cut lines — survival of the fittest seems to kick in.
    However, I do not excuse the Indian rude behavior. I m constantly shocked by Indians who ask me how much I earn and how much I paid for our house and other personal questions. None of my close friends are rude and we all find Indian behavior at times rude. I cannot pinpoint what kind of Indians are rude. I have noticed that Indians who live in parts of US where there are huge population of asian indian people continue to live and behave as they would in India. They never bother to become westernized either in their thinking, etiquette or behavior. I have seen this among Indians of all classes and education in California and New Jersey. I have also noticed that Indians who live in areas where not many Indians are around and have lots of American friends are no different from Americans. For the person who said all Indians are rude because he saw 4000 indians behaving badly in Niagara, I have one thing to say. Just because some Americans go to other countries and make a fool of themselves — how would you like ALL american labeled a fool? I never cut lines and going to Niagara gives ME a headache and I am constantly aggravated by Indians and other foreigners trying to cut the line. And believe me they know it is wrong, they are trying to cut line because they know that Americans are too polite to kick them to the back of the line. I bet they will pretend not to understand English or that they just didn’t understand where the line began. I also wanted to tell you that when we went to Yellow stone there were americans cutting lines in lot of the places too. Europeans smoking around children and spitting on the road! All disgusting behavior according to me.

    • Faisal / Oct 30 2013 10:27 am

      Haha middle class coconut b***h it is EVERYTHING to do with class get snobby Hindus CONSTANTLY looking down on us as we are working class Muslims and you should see the looks I get from these people when they ask me my profession (I’m a welder) it is all to do with the stupid irrational piss drinking class based Hindu religion, why do you think only 10% of Indian Muslims get into university??

      • Robertson / Nov 8 2013 9:34 pm

        Friend, judging from your tone I would say that that’s not the main reason they look down on you. And being a welder is nothing to be too proud of if the welder is in India. Now, a German or Japanese welder would be a different story. Indian construction worker is something like Pygmy basketball player, just doesn’t command instant respect.

        Why are university classes only 10% Muslim? Hmmm, because that’s just as far as the government is willing to bend the rules to let Muslims in? It’s the most plausible solution, since Islam frowns on education, and then skims off as many talented boys as possible to have them sit in madrasas and memorize the Quran for years instead of getting modern educations; although that is not only a problem in India but everyplace else where the Sons of the Prophet are busy resisting all changes in the last 500-1000 years.

        And you’ve got a nerve calling Hindus irrational! When all the good parts of Islam are whatever Mohammed stole, without ever understanding, from the Jews and Christians he met, plus his hallucinations, plus his petty complaints and prejudices. I’m no Hindu but at least it is all original, extremely ancient, reasonably tolerant, and nobody has to worry about a Hindu sneaking around with a nail bomb to slaughter or mutilate women and children for the glory of God (the Compassionate, the Merciful).

    • Gay Gandu / Feb 18 2015 9:57 pm

      Indians are definitely rude, particularly the ones straight off the boat from India, they seem to mind their manners if you are white, but if you are not white they are very rude to each other and to other minorities. They are some of the most prejudiced people out there, even whites are less racist much less prejudiced than most off the boat Indians, Indians so racist that they are racist even to each other, even if you try being polite and courteous to them, it does not work, they do understand the concept of it, they make Muslims look good, and most Muslims I know are angels compared to most Indians.
      Europeans can be rude but Indians take the cake in their rudeness, and I am talking about educated Indians living in Western countries, arrogant SOBs who talk shit about how great India is yet live in America, Canada, England, Australia, South Africa, etc if its so fucking good in India why live far away from home with us shitty non Indians and live in our inferior meat eating culture? I think curry consumption causes grand delusions.
      I met a white lady who thought highly of Indians and I said to her they treat her good because she is white, and she said nothing, but its true, if you are white they will kiss your ass like no tomorrow. The British colonial legacy lives on in their minds decades after the British left. Try getting a date with an Indian girl as a non white guy, her parents or brothers with KILL YOU or her, most likely it will be you.
      I saw this video by an Indian kid in America and he was making fun of South Indians as being too dark, if a white kid said that he would be excoriated for being a racist bigot, but there he is being bigoted towards his own brethren.

  8. Elsa / Nov 18 2012 3:18 am

    My husband and I were at a movie theater last night. All through the advertisements the woman next to me talked to her friend and sent text messages as the glare of her cell phone light lit up the entire area. I thought it through and decided to wait until the movie officially started and if she continued, to say something. An announcement asking people to please turn off cell phones as a courtesy to other patrons, was issued on the screen. The movie started and she pulled the phone out of her purse to continue browsing all of her apps and send another message. My husband leaned across the front of me and said “if you want to text, I think you should leave the theater.” She had a look of shock and aghast on her face and turned to her friend to mutter something. I then said to her “what you are doing is very rude to those who have paid to watch a movie.” She gave me a piercing glare and again commiserated with her woman friend. She powered down her phone and then mumbled some sort of punishing remark that started with “For your information . . . ” and I could not understand the rest due to her rapid fire speech and thick accent. I faced the front of me, glued on the movie screen, not turning to answer her. She is Indian and I was in shock over the behavior.

    • Vanilla Chocolate / Nov 19 2012 5:25 am

      Whatever happened with you in the movie theater does seem very rude and I don’t think it is right. You need to integrate into the culture you are moving into and do the bare minimums.Here in India I have seen it happen in a lot of theaters where people do such kind of stuff. Probably, they aren’t just aware of what other individuals might expect. I have another post related to this by the title: Individuals come last.

    • sureashell / Jun 29 2016 1:27 pm

      Typical Indian insensitivity and self centered-ness. Ugly by any standard. And no convoluted excuses please to justify this sort of uncivilized conduct.

  9. Dave / Nov 24 2012 10:27 pm

    I live in north India with my family of four. We’ve also lived in western China. It’s just a bit after 10 PM tonight, and the puja next door is so loud my little children can’t sleep. It’s pretty inconsiderate and rude, and pretty common. Hard to understand a religion that encourages you to disregard your neighbors. I agree with you – in general, many Indians very much live in a survival mindset, trying to maintain their place in the pile. That means cutting in lines, disregarding the needs of neighbors, milking every business transaction for as much as you can, and while you’re at it, cutting your own family out of their rightful inheritances if at all possible. OF COURSE, however, this kind of behavior does not apply to every individual or every family, but it does seem much more common than we’re used to in the west. We do have many strong friendships here, and are close to families that are full of absolutely lovely people. You avoid the rudeness as much as you can and cling to the rest.

    The behavior described by Susie in the first comment is not atypical, but these behaviors are mostly the result of training and upbringing (as are the horrible, dangerous driving, the cutting in line, etc.) – understanding this may help you to have grace for people from other cultures who rub you wrong.

    • A / Dec 12 2012 10:54 am

      wow a bit of puja distracted you while you were living in india. nigga you need help from a professional. or probably just some good old ass kicking

      • Dave / Feb 5 2013 11:37 pm

        Maybe you can help me understand why it needs to be so loud. This one registered 107 decibels at my bedroom window, about 70 feet from the tent. That’s loud, friend. Hearing loss loud. This is not some kind of culturally defensible behavior – the sound system itself precludes it from being an issue of religious heritage. It’s basically people choosing to be rude because they don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves. Probably friends of yours.

    • Faisal / Oct 30 2013 10:32 am

      As much as I hate Hindus u need to realize its India, that’s the main religion, if you don’t like it then f**k off back to yank land. Many thanks 🙂

      • Robertson / Nov 8 2013 9:08 pm

        From all I see, also having lived in India for a while, the majority of the people of the “main religion” think that you and your kind are all backward-thinking potential terrorists who have too many kids and dwell in filth, that Muslims raped the country for even longer than the British did, and that Faisal’s ancestors were either some kind of Uzbek or Turkish trash who came in with the Moguls, or even worse, low born Indian cowards who ran to Islam in order to gain an advantage over their Hindu brothers, to get a little power and money. What do I care? It’s not my fight. I’m only repeating what I’ve heard a hundred times from the locals. The fact is, chum, they all wish that you and everyone like you would, to use your phrase, “f**k off back to Pakistan” like you should have done in 1947. And if the government weren’t in the way, then I think that for a long time already there wouldn’t be one of you left alive inside the borders of Bharat.

        So maybe I can understand all of your loud hostility. Being part of a nation’s most despised and distrusted minority when your Only True Religion keeps telling you that you are superman and superior to the accursed men of all other religions, plus any and every woman ever born, may have caused some disturbance in your mind, an imbalance that makes even a tough, tough, macho man like you want to suck up to your own oppressors as you are doing here. Since, as so many Hindus have told me, friend, you’re not even a true Indian, just the offspring of Turks or traitors. But then I understand that the Pakistanis despise you all too! Not easy for you, Faisal.

        You say you are a welder. I’d like to change the subject and find out from you why India has the shoddiest, worst-looking buildings (even when new), the worst construction practices including steelwork, plumbing, and electrical, and hands down the dirtiest, most dangerous, and least efficient building sites anyone from the west or even Korea, Japan, China, can ever have seen since fifty or a hundred or two hundred years ago? I have stood and watched expensive condos going up, floor by floor, and felt as if in many ways Indian construction hasn’t moved forward since Mohenjo-Daro was built a few thousand years ago. Women with bricks or cement bags on their heads, men excavating with crude spades and straw baskets, garbage on the ground everywhere ( just like on the street). Everyone dressed in rags and plastic flip-flops. Everyone earning a dollar a day from the rich Indians, I guess. Friend, to outsiders it is not impressive, and neither are the end products, which start to look like old ruins 30 days after being finished.

        Your dad was in the British army a jillion years ago and you’re a boxing genius, so of course you don’t have to answer these questions, since you are an Islamic prince in welder’s clothes and we’re all just dog kafirs, or females. So I’ll just say have a nice day!

      • indian / Aug 22 2014 5:10 pm

        U muslim terrorist… u better go and fight for hamas…or boko haram…
        Or fight for paleisten. … some day us will kill u like osama bin Laden

    • whateveryousaysilly / Jul 30 2014 2:46 am

      Well said… esp the inheritance part.

      • Gay Gandu / Feb 18 2015 10:05 pm

        When the Muslims ruled India just before the British came around 1750, India controlled one fourth of the world’s wealth it was roughly the size of the US economy today back in those days, it was a rich country, by the early 20th Century India had only 2 percent of the world economy, it became DIRT POOR, yet Indians think the white man did them a favor. The white man fucked them over, yet Indians think other non whites are their enemies, particularly the Muslims, when Muslims have more in common with them than white people, and more likely to live in peace with them than white Europeans.
        Yet I see stupid ass Indian people wearing “England” t-shirts and sweaters, to me its like Jews wearing Germany shirts and Hitler shirts. Its sick to think of nation that plunder and raped your people and culture for centuries into poverty as someone that benefited you.

  10. Duddu / Nov 25 2012 1:39 pm

    Elsa, what does her being Indian have to do with her behaviour? For the record, I’m an Indian and yes, I’ve told off other Indians for using cellphones in movie theaters. So, which of us is the ‘real’ Indian? Or *gasp* could it be that every person is different and that you cannot judge an entire nationality based on the actions of one, two or ten people? I’ll be the first to admit that some Indians can be very rude, but I go out of my way to be polite and courteous. Aren’t you and that passive-aggressive dude from Niagara Falls making the situation worse by stereotyping us all and making us feel guilty, as an ethnicity or nationality, for the actions of other individuals? Why is it my fault?

  11. Human / Dec 25 2012 2:30 pm

    wow….so much about indians…..i personally dont agree with most indian beaviour. they r rude, disresepctful n encroaching. but this also has much to do with as someone up said, survival-of-the-fittest attitude. it is about culture n upbringing. but the biggest factor is fear which is deeply embedded into our culture. we fear about everything; losing in a competitive environment, failing in school, getting hurt, failin in reationships/marriages, failing in business. in india failing is not an option. and we fear god, not love. so its a complicated situation. while i was born and brought up there, i grew in a different environment, where we were taught to be agnostic, stand-up to any injustice and not to be afraid of anything in this universe. but often in my circles, am talked about for being outspoken, brash and many people keep away which is fine with me. i have had some crazy experiences in life and i can write several short stories. one of them being, our lady-help was being beaten by her drunk husband in the streets watched by at least 25 able bodied men. i intervened, even though i was in a crutch due to a knee surgery, eventually knocked him down (am alright in hand-to-hand combat :)) and lecture the crowd about female-exploitation et al. but there r some, who r amazing n simply the best people to be with. deep down, every indian, if u observe their intent, is not mean, destructive or malicious.

    • sureashell / Oct 6 2016 1:48 pm

      Most Indians are mean, intrusive, encroaching (a lovely word to describe them) and easily break rules of discipline and civil conduct. Yuck Brigade.

  12. molly douglas / Dec 30 2012 8:39 am

    today I was the third woman in line at a rite aid store. The clerk was a young girl. A man from India came into the store walked around the line over to the photo counter. There was only the one checker. He yelled to her “is there anyone over here to help me” and the checker replied she would be over there to help him when she was finished with the three of us who were in line already. He yelled to her “those are just women, they can wait, I am in a hurry.” I felt sorry for the young checker. She looked confused and as if she did not know what to do. The first lady said something to him about being there first, the second lady turned to him and said you are rude, I turned to him and said I am in just as much of a hurry as you are. I could not believe his demeaning comment and behavior. The checker continued with the three of us. She then excused herself from the person who had stepped into line behind me and went over to help him because he was yelling how it was not right that she would wait on us before him because we are women. If he feels that way then he needs to get out of this country and go home. That also goes for the guy up the street that makes his wife walk a half a block behind him. This is rude unacceptable behavior. I am a manager of a bank and have a customer from the middle East who told me I need to get up from my desk and count his deposits because as a woman I am lucky to have a job and he will not go to male tellers when there are females in the bank. The males should be the managers. We as females have “wrongly taken away jobs from the men.” I told him he either goes to those who are paid to count his money or find another bank. I also told him we have had enough of his comments and have his account under review for closure and a restraining order. He can pitch his fits somewhere else.

    • Vanilla Chocolate / Dec 31 2012 4:00 am

      wow, those are quite strong examples of the mentality of men from the eastern part of the world. Issues of equality of women are something that the Middle East and south east Asia are still grappling with. There have been horrendous incidents of rape and eve-teasing in India, which have come to the fore in media recently. That topic itself just deserves a whole together different blog probably.
      Also, no wonder that places like the UK want to take cultural assimilation into account before handing out green cards or long term visas, they might just help to keep pricks like those cited above, out of your country.

    • clare / May 15 2013 4:52 am

      the above story about the Indian man in Rite Aid seems to be unbelievable. I agree in the Middle East culture (Saudi for example) a woman must walk a few steps behind her husband. So also in the case of Princess Kate Middleton. So is the UK monarchy following rude unacceptable behavior?

    • Margot Lasalle / Jul 3 2016 10:44 pm

      Good job

  13. nino kam / Jan 3 2013 2:59 pm

    I am living with them in an apartment,,they are always rude which comes from their background, their culture always attribute if you are mean and they all need someone to dominant them, if you do so you can control them,but if you respect them they think you are a loser, they abused by eachother so you should do the same otherwise them never appreciate your friendship,

    • sureashell / Oct 6 2016 1:52 pm

      You have understood them as they are. Being polite to them is seen as an invitation for them to take advantage of you. Like you said they need to be controlled and dominated upon almost in a medieval thuggish manner. Niceness and pleasantness to them is a waste – they do not understand these.

      • discardedbylife / Oct 6 2016 3:09 pm

        Makes so much sense! They’re straight from hell.

        On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 1:53 PM, Vanilla Chocolate wrote:

        > sureashell commented: “You have understood them as they are. Being polite > to them is seen as an invitation for them to take advantage of you. Like > you said they need to be controlled and dominated upon almost in a medieval > thuggish manner. Niceness and pleasantness to them is a” >

  14. ks / Jan 4 2013 3:55 pm

    Hi there,

    I am an Indian living in the USA for 5 months now, so I am not ‘westernized’ as yet. I really like your perspective and I do feel that your post pretty much hit the nail on the head. Your ideas in this post resonate with what I think. However, I am sorry to admit that more often than not I am embarrassed by the behavior of my fellow Indians and I can see why most of the stereotypes exist.

    I am not really surprised though, as even back in India I couldn’t get used to the apparent rudeness. But even if it was fine there, which it wasn’t – I believe ‘When in Rome do as Romans do’. So, it does sadden me.

    Thank you for your post. On the bright side, there is some hope in the younger generation.

  15. Advice please / Jan 30 2013 8:02 am

    Thank you so much for writing this post. I have ended up on your site as a result of a google attempt to figure out the exact question this blog addresses, and I thank you for your insights -as well as those of the other commenters.

    Today I had an incident with a parking attendant who I assume was a first generation south Asian (based on accent alone). I wrote it off as just dealing with a “jerk”. However, as I was driving to my next location, my mother called me and noticed that I was agitated. She asked me what was wrong and I just blurted out “Indians are so $&?!ing rude and sheisty”.

    I would like to note that speaking ill of anyone is completely out of character for me, and I realized what I had done before my mother – who raised me far too well for me to be speaking in that manner – tore a strip off of me for my admittedly gross generalization.

    As I was driving I spent the entire time trying to explain, psychologically, the pattern I had seen far too many times throughout my adult life. I had come to the conclusion that my issues where generally with first generation Indians (over those raised in Canada). I have a number of Indian friends, raised in Canada whose social interactions are not anything I would deem as rude or out of the ordinary.

    I also came to the conclusion that many of my interactions that led me to infer that Indians were rude could be accounted for by population vs resource issues (as mentioned in earlier posts) and that those issues I was able to account for were based on nurture (more common in first generationers) than nature (as you would otherwise expect that trait to survive more profoundly in future generations, regardless of where they were raised).

    So. I’ve established that some of my issues can be explained via culture, but there are a few things, which remain oustanding, that I would be most grateful to receive feedback on.

    Lying and cheating. I get needing to be number one and ahead of the pack, but what legitimizes it? It has been repeatedly said that Indians are very religious. I’ve not known a religion to condone putting oneself ahead of others. Am I wrong?

    Most important to my day-to-day sanity. The lack of faith in women and their abilities.
    I can accept that Indian men are not required culturally to be as respectful to women as they should be by North American standards. What I don’t understand is the fact that they think women are intellectually inferior. I am a senior executive, reporting directly to the president of my firm. Every time we have a meeting with an Indian client,I must bring one of my male staff who works under me to do the majority of the talking because ALL of my Indian clients do not accept my answers. This is a complet waste of my time and the time of my staff – who could be working on other projects. Whenever possible, we try to assign males to Indian files, but that is not always possible, as only I am permitted to work on more complicated cases which sometimes are those with Indian representatives. Any advice or explanation would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, again, so much for this post. it was very helpful and initiated a discussion that is certainly topical, as evidenced by the amount of responses you have received.

    • Vanilla Chocolate / Jan 30 2013 9:41 pm

      Thank you for your comment, from your post I see that there are basically two things that you would like another perspective on:

      1.Lying and Cheating – I think it would be a huge generalization if someone were to say that Indian lie and cheat to get ahead of others. I have seen Indian being very competitive and trying to out do others but I don’t think we can extrapolate it to say that many of us lie and cheat. Corruption is a big issue in the whole of developing world. You’ve got to ask the questions why is it that most developing countries are prone to it? There must be an underlying cause for it.
      Many Indians are very religious but you can call it hypocrisy that what is preached is not followed. I have talked about the Indian hypocrisy in the Indian society at length with my friends. It is just the way that culturally people are taught to be right from childhood.

      2. Respect and equality to women – It is notable that India, unlike most of the western world, has not had a feminist movement as yet. You’ve got to ask the question – What was so bad with the way women were treated in the west that there had to be a whole feminist movement for women rights in the 60s and early 70s ? The Indian society is only catching up with the developed world and as time goes on I am sure Indians will learn that women in the work force are as important and can be as skilled as men. More Indian women are joining the work force and their importance is being realized. As for the Indian clients that you have, sometimes some things just cannot be helped, clients seem to come up with unreal expectations and we’ve just got to meet them and move on.

      Having said all that I said there is just one bottom line: It depends on you if you want to judge someone based on where they are from and cut out your interactions with them based on your judgements or if you want to be open and accepting and see how things go…..The latter might bring some good experiences to you, while the former might keep you from some bad experiences that you might have a chance of coming across every now or then.

      If you think Indians are the only rude one’s that is wrong, I was in America in 2011 and came across some pretty rude behavior from the Americans. You can read my post titled: “Racist Intentions”


      • whateveryousaysilly / Jul 30 2014 3:01 am

        Upper class / overprivileged Indians will justify everything because everything is going well for them.

      • Gay Gandu / Feb 18 2015 10:10 pm

        Americans are constantly labeled as racist, but I would say only about 5 percent of Americans have views or behaviors that I would consider racist, while with Indians that would be about 80 percent. Most Americans will at least say hello to their neighbor. You won’t get that from Indians fresh off the boat. Indians living in the West are much better because they are not exposed to the fucked up culture of India, and I feel sorry for a lot of them because they get saddled together with the FOBs.

    • Dave / Feb 5 2013 11:55 pm

      Advice please – regarding your first question, I once asked an Indian friend why dishonest business dealings seem so prevalent. He replied, “Our gods lie, cheat, steal and murder. So do we.” The Hindu religion doesn’t have a unified system of beliefs, but in general it does not make primary the idea of loving your neighbor, or being a person of integrity. Instead it ~generally~ elevates sensual pleasure, wealth and liberation from the wheel of reincarnation.

  16. Advice please / Jan 30 2013 8:09 am

    Please accept my apologies for the typos. I hope that you can understand my posting. I should have re-read before hitting send, as I seem to be unable to edit .. Thanks!!

  17. Mark / Jan 30 2013 8:54 am

    To hell with them all. No deodotant wearing stinking ass people. Deport their smelly asses back to that bug infested dump in SW Asia where they came from.

    • Vanilla Chocolate / Jan 30 2013 9:44 pm

      If that was to be done, a chunk of the American GDP, IT sector, healthcare would be wiped off, If you are ready to take that gamble as yet, sure 😛

      • vikrampv / Oct 27 2016 10:44 pm

        What about NASA?

  18. Nitya / Feb 14 2013 8:09 pm

    Hi! I came across this thread when I randomly searched for why Indians have a lot of hair. Yes, I was in a goofy mood and very bored. Funnily, the search engine came up with the words rude, and arrogant before I could type the “lot of hair” part. So I decided to see whats up. I am not Indian, nor American, nor a ABCD, nor a FOB. I am well, just me. I feel this way mostly because although I was born in India I came to the US when I was only 10 yrs old. Now almost 30, I realize that, with globalization so rampant. Each person is their own unique set of experiences that generate in them a different set of qualities that are special to them alone. My husband is very much Indian, and I guess me getting married to an Indian makes me somewhat Indian. But! I cannot stand his “Indian-ness” sometimes. Anyway, I don’t mean to rant about who I am for any longer, sounds very Indian and here I am…An interesting angle I wanted to add to the thread was, appearance. Appearance is a huge factor in determining behavior of one towards oneself and towards others and others towards you. Make the best first impression they always say. I feel that Indians feel inferior to other races on many levels. When it comes to appearance, the result is an inferiority complex. I know I had it. When I was 10, in my school, I was the only one from India. I saw my school photo and wondered why I looked so dark compared to others. Oddly enough, this is an issue that is very intense in India. People literally gravel at the feet of beautiful movie stars as if they were Gods because they are fair, very fair and don’t look one bit like the average Indian there. Dark skin is shunned upon, and they sell fairness creams. Probably the only country in the world to do so to my knowledge. So throw a few Indians in with a few fair skinned Americans and what do you get. Nerdy Indians. Indians hide behind their education, because that is the one thing that they can do well. They go nuts about education, to the point of committing suicide if unsuccessful. I did it, not suicide but hiding. I was so scared and self-conscious about my looks and my accent that I hid behind books. I wanted praise. And yes, knowledge is power, but an A grade is a reason to brag and a path to well, pride and too many As make you believe you’re the smartest in the class in all aspects of a person’s personality. Then you make fun of the jocks, and say how sports is so beneath you. Then you hit 30 and realize you just ate a whole pizza and can’t digest it. Life is tough. But yes, I have also observed that in India, no body cares for one another. And in a way it is their philosophy too. They believe, well most religious folks believe that this is the kali yuga. The last part of creation and the worst part of it. This is the time when all things go haywire, love stops being real and everyone is seeking salvation sorry, liberation from the cycle of birth and death. So who cares. This is the time to be bad. Do the deed and then ask for forgiveness or not, just scapegoat. Indians, their philosophy and history are very confusing to me. Probably why I think about it so much. Alas, I live amidst them and they constantly tell me I think too much and should be practical. But then again, who doesn’t say that in this day and age. I know there is a whole world of goodness out their and that thought gives me more peace of mind than the thought that I am of indian origin. Goodness is there and it will always triumph no matter who you are. People should believe in good things to be good. These guys don’t know what they believe in, it is whatever floats your boat. They follow westerners but yet they curse America which has given them SO MUCH.

    • Vanilla Chocolate / Feb 15 2013 8:54 pm

      Interesting post! Although I would say that I do not agree with all that you said. Just as you feel that even though you are of Indian Origin and yet don’t have too big a liking for the “Indian Culture”, I am sure there are millions of Indians who feel the same way about the perceived Indian Culture and detest it the same way as you do. So, it isn’t like every Indian is bad/good.

      Not all Indians are pious or religiously prejudiced either, not all are short on confidence. Some of them make great friends or family. It would all come down to how everyone is as an individual, you cannot for sure judge a book just by its cover, you need to dig deep.

      It is true that a lot of Indians work very hard in school/college/careers but there are other reasons for it than just lack of having nothing better to do. Through the 80s and 90s people have grown up believing that if you do not work hard you are going to have a poor standard of living, which was quite true until the last decade. There are more alternative life-styles, career options opening up for Indians. The society is catching up with the rest of the world.

  19. mysteria / Feb 24 2013 8:43 pm

    Very informative blog and sometimes really hilarious. Ive had some good and bad experiences with Indians in America and customer service related experiences with Indians overseas. In college at the university level, it seemed to me the Indians that were raised in America in general were very bright and considerate. Of course they had the drive and determination like many asian races. But I noticed that the international indian students lacked very basic etiquette like personal space and cosideration for your peers.

    Now experiences with customer service. Recently Ive noticed a lot more big companies like American Express using outsourced Indian call centers for their telephone customer service help. It can be very challenging understang their English and this is a problem especially when discussing financial information.

    The rudeness discussion is very real in every culture, but I do believe it has alot to do with your surroundings. Survival of the fittest is the ideal explaination.

  20. analytical / Mar 2 2013 1:32 pm

    The author is correct in analyzing the root cause of this behaviour. There are many of us, therefore there are many good among us and many, many not so good. This is the same as in any other country but in our case, you multiply any count by a factor of atleast 1000. Therefore, some good, others not so good translates to many good and many, many not so good.

  21. April / Mar 14 2013 12:20 am

    I absolutely agree with ur statement, I felt Indians men more often been so rude in every circumstances life, sometimes I feel like want to throw them up , or smashed them in the face. It cannot be tolerate anymore, I’m sick of it. They must change they behaviour, or even noticed it . Unfortunately in London, they are too many..

  22. Raj Chandran / Mar 18 2013 8:53 am

    Hmm.. There are many reasons why an American or European feels that we Indians are scummy, sneaky, smelly, rude .. The list goes on.

    India is a big place, lots of competition, and a scarcity of resources in last 100 odd years have shaped how we behave. We compete and compare, that is the only way one can constantly adapt and progress.. We stare, your blond hair, porcelain skin, and big personality is difficult to comprehend at a glance. We smell, because there is a lot of ginger, garlic, mustard, coriander, turmeric and other spices in our cooking..

    I lied about staring .. Fact is, to you India is a racially diverse, and heterogenous country. But we actually exist in pockets of homogeneity spread across the subcontinent, a Tamil woman from south india may have never met a Bengali woman in her entire life. Both will stare at each other if they ever meet, herm .. What is this animal in this weird garb ? This anomaly this exposed when we come to a completely foreign culture. We have to stare, babies stare .. That’s how we learn.

    Mostly, western culture has reached us thru work, pop culture or technology but not thru the western fundamental ideas of equality, individuality, ingenuity and sharing. That causes social difficulties like men not respecting women, or lack of ownership. We probably have heard about John Mayer but not about John Q Adams.

    But, after living in the west for sometime, a year for some, 10 years for others, we slowly adapt to your culture. Now we don’t stare, we have seen enough beautiful women, we pay big tips, to compensate for our brothers, we don’t ask personal questions, because we have done our bit, climbed our own Mt. Everest. We say hi to you, because that feels so great! We still cook with spices, sorry cant do without.

    And this is a little corny .. But … We love this country, and its people. You have given us this opportunity and we work to make this a better place, treat a sick kid, make a new product, work for the homeless. We even make nice little baby Indian Americans.


  23. nadi / Mar 27 2013 10:53 pm

    Working in retail for 4 yrs the only rude people i have came across were white and blacks i never had bad experience from any Indian, Chinese or any other race they were nice but on the other hand white people treat people working in customer service as there punching bag. Whites are so rude and disrespectful and while driving thy love to show the middle finger apparently at every single thing

  24. reptile show / Mar 30 2013 3:48 am

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  25. American Indian American / Mar 31 2013 3:40 am

    Indians are rude in the context of American etiquette until and unless they understand or assimilate into the country that has received them. I’m an American by birth of Indian parents, exposed to many cultures locally and through global travel. I’ve learned that EACH INDIVIDUAL DESERVES A FIRST CHANCE, and when they fail it, they give credibility to broad stereotypes, exaggerations, and the ugly truths that people try to deny. You realistically have to be street-wise with stereotypes, but don’t make too many assumptions of people who might be more than skin deep.

  26. marie / Apr 26 2013 4:16 pm

    i work in tourism industry along with my friends, and we do have something in common whatever department we are in, we found guests from india arab and china are rude but india and arab are the worst. the ironic thing is what my friend from food and beverage told me about the events when the arab and india call her “stupid asian” because she asked them politely to talk to her supervisor for their complains and wait while she tried to connect them with the supervisor as the procedure, n make us like “excuse me who the hell are you???” there heaps of stories but mostly it allready written above. seem like this rudeness is rotten in their soul. must be so tired to grow up thinking that their race better than anyone and found that they been left behind.

  27. Jamie / Apr 27 2013 6:00 am

    I have my own business and i don’t deal with Indians. They have fucked me off too many times. They are indecisive and try get everything on discount. They are inconsiderate people. This is a generalization – i’ll change it to MOST indians are inconsiderate. I live in an apartment with indian neighbors and they do whatever the fuck they want and be loud and smell like curry and dont ever have any awareness of people around then. In stores, they push in front of me and again, try and get everything on discount. I hate to be racist.. but this is all true and i know a ton of people will agree with me.

    • Robertson / Nov 8 2013 10:41 pm

      While in India I learned the kind-of a-joke that Indians and Chinese can’t do business very well together because the Chinese will never sell unless they can get the full price, and the Indians will never buy unless they can get a discount, so that makes deals difficult.

      BTW I landed on this page by googling “why Indians rude” and it was one of the first thirty results. But there were many others to choose from….

  28. Emma / Apr 29 2013 7:52 pm

    Well I have married an Indian man and he is not rude, HOWEVER, after spending 4 months travelling from north to south of India, I can definately say that I came across far too many rude indians to mention. So much so, that I could never consider living in that country. My husband cannot stand the way of life there as well, not to mention the corruption that rears it’s head at every chance. The issue of not respecting personal space is a cultural one, and some of the rudeness came from this. But most times, it was just in the way you were served in a hotel, restaurant, even spoken to by a doctor. The women sometimes even more forceful than the men. This is not just from people on the street, it is from the professionals as well. I find it sad that a country that has so many amazing spiritual teachings has so many people horrible people in it. Yes, it may not be their fault, as they are so poorly paid and can never get ahead, they become so disheartened with life, that they want to treat people the same way that they feel inside. So we can understand and perhaps forgive the behaviour, but we cannot say, that they are not being rude. Because they are definately rude. I have noticed this in other developing countries, ie; Vietnam, where the people are struggling, but India was worse than Vietnam for me. I am very well travelled, having visited some 40 countries.

    • Gay Gandu / Feb 18 2015 10:14 pm

      You did not marry an Indian man, you married a man who came from an Indian family or has ethnic ties to India but spent some time in a Western country, there is a huge difference.

  29. Robert / May 3 2013 6:35 am

    Actually Indian people are some of the most intellectual people on the planet. Why? Education is priority at a very young age. How many panhandlers do you see who are Indians? How many Indians do you see unemployed? The Indian people who come to the US are all highly educated and are tremendous contributers to medicine, science, teaching and technology. Cultural differences are evident compared to the mainstream American way of life. But that’s the way all races are pretty much. You can’t expect someone whose lived most of their life in India to come to the US and adapt to change right away.

    The vast majority of Indians who immigrate to the US are grateful to be here. They are starting a new life and contributing to society. There are a lot of white people who are vagrants. Panhandling bums who’re permanently detached from society living on street drugs and liquor that have NO place in our society. Is that a racist statement? No. The proof is in the pudding. Asian people in general have an extremely high regard for education unlike other cultures. This is why India is passing up the US technology wise.

    When I was in high school decades ago it was the asian students who’re really well grounded to their studies. They never caused any trouble and minded their own business. The worst students were many of the caucasian students and the hispanic students. Many of the caucasian and hispanic students were responsible for a lot of problems on campus and in the classroom. I know that parents of asian children have very high expectations for their children. This is why these kids stay out of trouble, develop excellent social skills and become extremely successful in life. The key is education and strong family values that yield to children who’re highly educated and major success stories in their adult years.

    • Robertson / Nov 8 2013 10:30 pm

      I have seen hundreds of Indian panhandlers and thousands of unemployed Indian loafers on the streets…in India. If I had been there long enough I could have run those numbers up to thousands and millions. But like the lumpenproletariat from any country, they aren’t the group that supplies the immigrants to the USA, Oz, or the UK. Those immigrants are the usual hustling, ambitious immigrants whose children will be driven to do very well, like the Irish, the Italians, the Jews, the Germans, and many others before them.

      If India is “passing up the US technology wise” then that will come as news to everyone, not said as a matter of prejudice but as a matter of fact. India for whatever reason doesn’t originate much technologically now. India doesn’t have a single campus in the latest list of the top 200 international research universities. Independent thinking is not prioritized, and the salaries are far too low to attract great professors from abroad or keep great Indian professors from heading to Cambridge or CalTech.

      India’s IT position is a matter of deliberately seeking outsourced work on drone-level projects from western businesses, and controversially exporting contract programmers who will undercut American (for example) techies on pay, since any American salary looks great to almost anyone from India, a land of chronically low wages even for educated people.

      • vikrampv / Oct 27 2016 10:49 pm

        You know why? Because Britain looted trillions from India

  30. claire / May 15 2013 11:03 pm

    I needed to add my thoughts to this. I got quite worked up since reading this blog. I sympathize with Chocolate’s experience on the flight. The incident in Washington is appalling to say the least. Yes we Indians do get differential treatment through customer service. I still do. I am an Indian with light colored skin. It is funny to see customer service personnel give me warm smiles and polite Hellos but the minute I open my mouth and speak my “Indian” accent the smile awkwardly fades and their whole persona shifts to curtness. Its hilarious at the same time rude and tacky.
    I had another experience recently. My hubby and I were invited to a tourist agency which was trying to sell a package deal to customers. The couples were called in one by one. Not only was the couple that arrived after us taken into the conference room before us but every other couple was. My first feeling was maybe she just missed our file. We were seated right next to the door through which she was ushering people into the conference room . I caught her eye but she only smiled and went about whatever she was doing. it came to the point where the whole room was empty. I knew then they were being racist. I was at the point where i was telling my husband that maybe it was time to leave. Then she comes out to the waiting area and tells us that if we are interested in the deal she will take us in otherwise it would only be waste of both our times. This was not done to any other couple. Needless to say we left.If they wanted our money they had to do better than that.

    I can fill pages with incidents like this of rude “non-Indian” people(wink).

    I want to point out that not every “brown skinned”, “thick accented” individual is an Indian. There are people from other Asian countries too you know (like Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc) who look and sound “Indian” and live in the United States.Agreed that the number of Indians flocking to the US definitely surpasses those from other Asian countries I mentioned.But this misconception of every “dark” or “brown skinned”, “heavy-accented” individual being Indian is compounded by the fact that the newly immigrated, “Indian looking” Asian is as yet cultural ignorant making it seem that the whole nation of India, and India only, is comprised of rude people. This is so wrong and illogical. All I can i say is please give us time to absorb and adapt to the culture. You learn by trial and error. I try my best to be polite.Most times it might just be plain ignorance which makes people act in ways perceived as rude. The cultural etiquette here is different from that in India. Sometimes maybe just politely explaining the expected behavior or response ( as in the case of the MIddle Eastern man demanding his deposits be counted by a woman. I actually lived 18 yrs in the Middle East and i have seen Arab women working as doctors, secretaries,nurses, receptionists,school administrators, in embassies etc) .People need to understand that in US we have to live by the etiquette standards applicable here and sometimes pointers may just work in getting people to change and adapt quicker.

    To Molly Douglas: How do you know the man at Rite Aid is an Indian.Did you see his Birth records? Even something like a driver’s license is not going to give anyone a sure fire way of knowing a person is Indian.He could very well be Bangladeshi or Pakistani or Nepali for all you know.
    I think personally some people from ALL countries of the world are rude .But the so called fact of ALL Indians being rude is exacerbated by the ignorant stereotyping I talked about
    The mention of Indians cutting lines. i haven’t really seen or heard or done anything like that.Personally speaking it is not right. If it bothers someone so much as to post nasty comments on it why not just politely ask the person that they need to join the end of the queue that’s already formed.

    • Adriana / Sep 25 2014 7:38 pm

      Oh I wouldn’t group Sri Lankans with all of them. A completely different country and people, and I must say from personal experience they are some of the kindest and friendliest people you will ever meet. I lived in Sri Lanka for a couple years and had some of the best times of my life and ever since I left I’ve always wanted to go back! I’ve also noticed that unlike Indians (I don’t mean this to be racist in any way, it’s just an observation) Sri Lankans both living in Sri Lanka and in other countries are lovely people. I’m not sure if this is because they are a predominantly Buddhist nation or because Sri Lanka is the most westernized country in South Asia. Also, Sri Lanka has the highest Human Development Index in all of South Asia, has a 92% literacy rate, and does not discriminate against women (elected the world’s first female prime minister, and I’ve seen many women working in all levels in all industries). All of these may be reasons as to why they are different.

      Well I see that I’ve been rambling for a while, but the point I originally wanted to make was don’t ignorantly group different people and nations together because each country and its people have their own unique identity and deserve to be recognized for it! I feel strongly about this because I too once assumed that Sri Lanka (and Sri Lankans) was pretty much the same as India (and Indians) due to their location but once I went there (also went to India a while after that) boy did I realize how ignorant and wrong I was!! Even their accent is different which I found surprising!!! It’s more like an accent from one of the Caribbean islands.

      Also, to answer the original question, I don’t think it’s fair to say ALL Indians are rude, just because of a handful of people. I have personally had a lot of unpleasant experiences with Indians, but I have also met some lovely Indian people and it’s just wrong to assume everyone is the same!

  31. Mitch / May 25 2013 8:54 am

    A lot of Indians are unbearable, but I’ve had good experiences with working class Indians. The Tamilian guy who runs a local grocery store always lets me go the the front of the line if I stop while I’m working, and a guy from Delhi who runs a different store always give me a free mango juice. The guys at one local restaurant are very friendly, and I love the Sikh family that runs my favorite gas stations. More professional Indians can be insufferable pricks and I hate dealing with them, although even in that demographic I’ve met a handful of decent people.

  32. tippyindian / Jun 7 2013 5:33 pm

    well… im Indian… i’ve not visited america.. and the only place i’ve traveled abroad to was Hong Kong -so as far as experience goes i cant say much.

    but a few thing about India and their people
    1)BUSINESS IN NOT PLEASANT- I have seen people work with margins of 1% and 2% on their costing. in India they don’t think about anything but getting the best at the lowest cost imaginable. you bargain your head off…
    2)UNFORTUNATELY ITS OUR CULTURE TO BE INQUISITIVE- everybody wants to know what everyone is doing.(really don’t like that)
    3)GENDER DISCRIMINATION: if you think discrimination happens at your work place. Try living with it for two decades….:)
    4) FOR MOST INDIANS AMERICA IS LIKE A BIG BROTHER OR SISTER: seriously. how many times have you tried to copy what your brother and sister did when you were growing up? only to be thrown out of the room? America is magical.. a place you see only in Hollywood.. we copy you coz we wanna be like you………
    5)WE WORK FOR YOU. most Indians work for Americans. make their life easier. you tell us to leave america…but your economy”s back end operations is run by Indians. we”re not stealing anyone’s job.american companies gave it to us coz its too expensive to run the same in america.
    i get paid 1\10th the cost of what i would be paid if i worked the same job abroad.

    • Luis / Jul 3 2013 5:04 am

      OK. Indians. Now I was born and bred in the UK and lived in London for 13 years. I’ve seen the habits of a lot of nationalities…whether citizens or tourists.
      Indians are high on pretty bad…not as bad as Arabs, Pakistanis, new rich Chinese and new rich Russians when it comes to manners but pretty high. How often do you see those groups with bags full of designer goods more so than people of other backgrounds. It’s quite vulgar really.
      All those groups are obsessed with materialism and have an amazing lack of class. You will not get “please” or “thank you”…which among the English is weird. Let’s be clear here. Bengalis are friendly.. a bit backward but friendly. The Japanese are amazing. South Americans are lovely too.

  33. Rose Hoffacker / Aug 29 2013 2:18 am

    This is just generalized crap. There are rude people all over the world. I visited Bombay with my mother and took a train to a neighboring suburb. A nice young man got up and gave me his seat on the train so that I could sit with my mother. He stood the whole trip. When I was visiting Disney, and pregnant with my first child, no one got up to give up their seat on the shuttle bus. I stood, along side my husband. There were whites, browns,blacks and yellows on that bus. I have had indian men open doors for me and insist I enter first, and some who’ve slammed them shut behind them, not caring that I was right behind. People are people, all over. I personally don’t find that indians smell…that’s just such a racist statement. I’d rather smell spices than stale alcohol or cigarette breath any day.

  34. Sid / Oct 6 2013 5:09 am

    I think Indians are just plain blunt, that’s taken as rudeness mostly. I study in a US university and we always make sure we are very polite to everyone specially non-Indians. It saddens me that people think Indians are rude, and if they are actually then its sadder 😦

    • Vanilla Chocolate / Oct 6 2013 6:11 am

      Hmm…..It is really hard for me to say how rude Indians are comparatively.I feel I have to see more of the world to be able to say for sure.

      But one thing I can assure you is that there are loads of people who come looking for “Why are Indians so rude.” and land up on this post.

      With respect to your comment about Indians being just blunt, I think it’s more on the lines of Indians lacking empathy for others’ feelings and emotions.

      • Margot Lasalle / Jul 3 2016 11:03 pm

        Absolutely agree about empathy.

  35. sheena / Nov 23 2013 7:31 am

    Really? I think Indians pretend to be very good and decent people, but they love talking sh*t about you when you’re not around. They are usually 2-faced. And not Indians, it is the hindus that stink. Pakistani Hindus also stink.

    • vikrampv / Oct 27 2016 10:55 pm

      Piss off Mohammed worshipper. Pisslamic religion Sux

  36. Michael / Dec 14 2013 7:43 pm

    I notice there is a definite rudeness and disrespect there. I don’t know if it’s confined to one region of their country or if it’s characteristic of the entire nation. But they don’t seem to display kindness or respect when in business.

  37. aishajupid grap / Dec 27 2013 4:19 am

    I am not fond of them. I met in my life about 20 of them (indian, sri lankas, pakistany) which were very rude, corrupted, lazy and abusive to whites , especially to white females. They are extreme racist.
    Have no manners and do not feel at all bad conscience when do something nasty backstab anytime. Take everyone as rival e.g. at work, as they are (most of them) secretly aware of their own incompetency. Lucky them there is always some uncle or cousin to help them get the job and retain it even if they are not very productive – they may work all day hard but for some reason their collegues have to make up for they mistakes and slowness. Unable to adjust, even after many years,to European or / and US culture.There are some really talented ones but talented people can be found anywhere but the superiority complex all of these people have is shocking.
    I also met ONE gentleman who was excellent in his manners and a very decent and educated guy.
    The ratio is 1:20 ,in my view.

  38. Mehendi / Dec 28 2013 3:53 am

    I am an Indian woman, studying in USA. I agree 100% that Indians are the worst race on earth. Please bear in mind that they don’t just act rude or insensitive to Americans or other nationalities, but to fellow Indians as well. I am a very well cultured, extremely well educated woman from New Delhi and I was never ever exposed to the cultures in smaller towns of India. But surprise, surprise, I come to study in USA, and I find people from small cities (which incidentally, I did not even know, existed). Their behavior left me stunned, shocked, and in need of therapy. Imagine, “my fellow indian youth” !!! Some instances, that might be food for thought. An Indian next door neighbor, who I had been on JUST “Hello” terms, knocks on my door at 1-2 AM, and by knocks means bangs on it, as if to break it. I ignore the first time, but then the second time: He has a sheepish grin (no shame, mind you) and asks for my internet password ! Talk about polite requesting. Another guy (?, I have serious doubts on his masculinity) asks every girl (who mistakenly makes him a friend) for Sex !!! I know the hook up culture might be in vogue, but every girl who has the courtesy to talk to this guy is propositioned blatantly for sex. And if she refuses (obviously !): oh she’s a slut ! Another guy from a small town -village in India had the audacity to come to me and say, since I am from Delhi I would be a fast girl (insert synonyms: Slut, easy…). New Delhi, incidentally despite having problems that every big city around the world has, has some of the best educational institutions, some of the best opportunities,some of the best people of high moral values, you name it. But this guy had an unshakable opinion that Delhi girls (all of them !) have nothing better to do but get laid. And his reasoning: that’s a prequisite of someone coming from Delhi. Its bad enough that Delhi girls face harassment from uncouth males everyday in Delhi, but imagine one of them comes to USA and has to listen to this. There’s more, much more…but you get the idea. And I hope you understand my plight. Being Indian I gravitated towards Indians in USA and my expirence has been very very bitter. In retrospect, I have come to the conclusion that my experience has been the best with Americans, as they are mostly very well behaved. The people from other nationalities have been great too. But Indians….need I say more ?

  39. sujata / Dec 30 2013 9:13 am

    LOL at some of the over the top comments here. I’m Indian and fyi, I spend quite a bit of time getting frustrated at my fellowmen/women for their utter thickheadedness and insensitivity. I could go on and on but here’s the point, I believe every person picks on some race to score over. I have diatribes with my white friends over Hispanic and Black bad habits, they probably do the same with their friends over Indians and so on. We all think we’re just that little bit superior to ‘that one over there’.
    Let me explain why Indians are the way they are – we have grown up with values that are completely different from others. In some ways, we have the strongest morals – honor thy parents and elders and teachers, for eg. We really know how to honor them! Do not steal or commit adultery – ok, we try our best and most succeed. Love thy kids – yes, we’ll work ourselves to the bone saving up for our grandkids’ college tuition. The bad habits are – its ok to keep servants and underpay them, be rude to foreigners, poor people, taxi drivers, shopkeepers etc because everyone’s out to gyp you or harass you.
    Good people, as an Indian I ask you to be patient with us. I have to be with my relatives and friends. They can be a pain in the neck, but in the end, Indians do have good habits too. They won’t steal or rob banks at least.

    • Essa Askar / Feb 26 2014 5:54 pm

      Indians are the rudest and insensitive group of people I have had contact with, out of all nationalities.

      Their culture has many positives but the negatives are so disgusting that I have lost all respect for that country.

      Indians are usually incredibly rude, they never behave politely. They are racist towards their own people of lower castes and this extends naturally to all non Indians especially darker skinned people.

      These characteristics are also apparent in Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who also still retain the backwards Hindu culture despite being majority Muslim countries

      Indians treat women like garbage. They have an epidemic of female infanticide, rape and acid attacks against women. There is an unprecedented level of female orphans, sex slaves and homeless people in India.

      The contrast between the rich and poor, and the utter disgust the rich upper caste Indians treat the lower caste poor people is shocking. Lower castes cannot even touch an upper caste person as they are considered dirty and inferior.

      Despite the fact that India has a lower female population due to abortion of female Infants, the lower castes have more daughters. However no one wants this surplus of lower caste women. This is why many of then become prostitutes known as Adivasis supported by local Hindu temples.

      All in all India is an extremely backward and ignorant place. Ofcourse this does not mean that they are doomed. I think the future will be better if the rich are willing to remedy these issues.

      • vikrampv / Oct 27 2016 10:57 pm

        This is what you’ve been showed in your Hollywood films. But in reality it’s 5% of Ehat you said is correct.

    • pooppy / Mar 2 2014 7:30 am

      they rob your soul!!!

  40. lisa / Mar 13 2014 9:35 pm

    I have to say Indians are really rude, multiple occasions I have encountered in my life but I have also met with Indians who are really nice-they address you by “Madam or Sir”, it feels like it has something to do with their class in India. My tenant is an indian women who is a teacher in Canada, given her education and her background, I could not believe some of the things she does and the lies she tells. On multiple occasion, she has been late for her rent, and she is significant late, rent is due on the 1st-pretty standard. She has never been on time, the earliest time I have received her rent cheque is on 7th, 8th of the month, but there are 3 times I didn’t get her rent cheque till 15th. I am worried she is dead because she always have male friends coming over and I have received multiple letters from strata about noise complaints. So I called her-she never picks up her phone btw, I left a message and she never replied, so then I have to text her “You are late, it is the middle of the month and I will have to charge a late fee”. Then she text me right back”I have a job you know! I don’t appreciate your rudeness!” Oh, wow, you have a job? I have a job too ,I don’t appreciate that I have to chase after a 30+ year old adult rent every month because she is unable to put her rent cheque in the mail on the 1st. The landlord charge a late fee as stated in rental contract for you being late for 15 days is rude?
    What, I am supposed to beg you for rent?
    Then it gets funnier, I asked her when did you sent out your cheque last month? She replied she asked her SECRETARY to send out the mail on the first, LIAR, the canada post stamp on the envelope says 10th. Then she says oh it is the blue bag system at work. -I guess she is referring the mail system at her school? Hey, girl, you don’t have to lie to me that you have a SECRETARY when you don’t and pretend you are some sort of FEMALE LORD-it is Canada not India the shithole you came from, we all know a teacher like you doesn’t have a secretary, you did not sent out your rent cheque on time and admit to it. Jesus, I don’t know how does this type of person become a teacher in the school district of Canada and how can this liar be the teacher of our Canadian kids and future generation. Seriously, just admit to your mistake and don’t lie.

    • Tired / Mar 25 2014 12:34 pm

      Send a letter to principal of the school about her tardiness-indicating how she can be a model for students. Also, talk to lawyer. Use law to kick out renters who cannot comply with contract. she has to respect laws in Canada.

    • Hush / Jun 1 2015 5:58 am

      The only shithole is the one you came out of at your birth, you filthy pink whore.

  41. Phil / Mar 17 2014 9:38 pm

    Indians are ignorant back-stabbers as co-workers, as well. I’ve worked with them- they are obnoxious know-it-all’s. They don’t like the idea that, in so many cases, they HAVE to hire American salespeople, with whom they treat like scum. Nobody will buy from them with their stupid Hindi, East Punjab accents. They lie about everything including what they are going to pay you for commission, which you will never see. I worked for one. He was too lazy to run the sales team so he listened to one of his fellow brown-skinned sales a-holes who had a clean American accent. This Indian sales guy was a real get-ahead, back-stabbing Indian who was unbearable. He would run into the fellow Indian owner’s office and tell on anyone he felt like. I hated his guts, I hated the owner’s guts. I’m in the IT field and these pieces of vomit think they are so knowledgeable…the fact is, they are not…they lie about their skills constantly. We should put a moratorium on accepting any more of them into the US. We don’t need them with so many Americans needing jobs. They are arrogant; they are obnoxious, they treat Americans like crap and they are cheap….’nuff said.

    • Hush / Jun 1 2015 6:00 am

      Go back to Europe, you melanin deficient, skin cancer prone pinko!

  42. Tired / Mar 25 2014 12:26 pm

    We are tired of relentless discount from many Indian clients. After consulting my Indian buddy, co-workers, American bosses, I decided to send dis-engaging of service in the middle of the process. We felt we are under valued and under appreciated. After spending hours in researching law and simulations and answering many questions, when I presented tentative price, alas, the client ask for discount. This is not the first time but in past couple years. The situation needed more research and I have done it by staying very late, but I am just very discouraged to pursue his request. So, I will write a notice that I will not work on his matter. Take it with full pay or leave.

    Most of Indian clients are asking too much discount even after we spend a lot of time to explain, research, etc. All my colleagues share the same stories. Therefore, I am not judging by my own experience.

    Somebody in this forum said Indians from country side are different. There are many Indians from South and their caste is not the top one, but the second one or lower. IT industry allows them to explore the new horizon. But most of them are working as IT contractors in sweat shop situation with H1B visa with Green Card as a carrot in front of them. Their employer may not pay as promised; employers demand to repay to the cost of H1B/Green Card. (This is illegal by the way). So they are in survival mode.

    Even though, I believe they need to respect common sense in this country. In business, we of course negotiate, but with grace.

    It is part of US education’s fault to have influx of Indian H1B’s and illegal usage of visitor visas to come to the US because there are not so many people with programming/math skills in the US. Whereas Indian colleges are free, and there is huge motivation for those who with lower castes because IT skills overrides the social barriers in India.

    Like call centers in India have been infamous among US consumers, American are already know there are too many Indians here and are being annoyed by the differences which are already expressed by so many people here. But other countries such as Guatemala, Argentina, other countries are also developing IT businesses to serve US. They do not have time zone difference, and South American people with Spanish/Italian descendants are mostly white and very polite. Therefore, the shift from India to other countries are already happening. Days of India IT dominance are still strong, but American are tired of their “rudeness” and willing to change to other more accommodating nations.

    So, let them be rude, noisy, annoying, whatever. We cannot change them, so just write them off.

    • Rose Hoffacker / Mar 28 2014 3:55 pm

      This site has become an Indian bashing site, by indians and non indians. It’s ridiculous. Yes, there are rude indians. There are also nice polite ones. Just like there are rude Americans and polite ones. The indians have a different culture and much of what you experience is cultural differences. As an American in Europe, let me tell you that we are seen as rude and uncouth. You can spot an American a mile away by his loud voice and uncouth behaviour. Now realistically, that’s not true for everyone, but that is the perception carried by many people there.

    • Margot Lasalle / Jul 3 2016 11:23 pm

      You can’t step even on the little toes of the Indians lol uncouth is nothing compared to a complete lack of empathy. We Europeans are too pretentious about superficial things like manners…

  43. sketchup / Jun 5 2014 10:09 pm

    im an indian male born and raised in texas. with that being said, i fucking loath indian people. i have no indian friends and for good reasons. everything about that culture and race is awful. the people are rude, curry is the worst, and the overall global view of india is shit. im so happy i live where i do and i wouldnt trade it for the world. everything about the culture is trash. from the ridiculous relgion all the way to the “caste system”. i have made many leaps and strides to differentiate myself from being anything but indian, because i dont want to be looked at the same way as those dirty foreign jungle swingers. till this day i am truly ashamed to be indian. all the rapes and mistreatment of women makes me sick to my stomach. you would think that a country with millions upon millions of people would do something to make their country amazing, but all you get is rude smelly shitty people and bollywood. their overall attitude and they way the bobble their heads…SAY YES OR NO FUCKER! they look like those bobble heads you get from sport stadium gift shops. if i ever had a confrontation with a rude wet behind the ears FOB indian i would knock him out and tell the piece of shit to go pray to shiva to get your bobble town ass a one way ticket back to the shit stain of a country you call home. if the whole country got swallowed up by a tsunami or a massive earth quake, i would say good riddance.

  44. we all have a lot to learn / Jun 17 2014 8:14 am

    I am glad to have read this. I would like to note that most people who stumble upon this post is because they have some sort of frustration with Indian people so it is to be expected that you would see a lot of negative comments and perspectives. That being said I am no different though I would say I am different from most in needing a reason to value what someone says, meaning no matter how many negative or positive for that matter comments I read they wont effect my perspective unless I have a reason to let them. Like they seem rooted in logic or reason or truth. Emotional ranting is filtered out why bother wasting the energy to process it. And hating an entire race of people for many of them being non more sinister than annoying shows a intellectual and spiritual weakness that is ones own cross to bear. Hard to find joy with hate in owns heart. I am vastly grateful and effected by the Indians who spoke on here explaining their perspectives from a logical and intelligent point of view. They have represented themselves very well and completely changed my perspective of the Indian people. I now work in a area with a significant Indian population and have been for the first time exposed to their culture. I went to school with a few before but they were born here and to me and I guess most Americans since its the law, if you were born here your American no matter what you look like. So I would consider this my first time meeting Indian people. And I have began to think they were kinda rude too. I refuse to accept racism in myself so I came seeking answers some logical answer. This has been quite the experience I have learned so much about Indian culture, history, economics, politics and population from this post. What makes them the way they are. In my experience people tend to be more accepting of something if they understand why that something is. After learning so much about the Indian people I cant help but to have a great deal of respect for them and I wish them all the best. If its true about the conditions many of them live in how can you not applaud someone who has struggled to overcome such hardship and fight to make a better life for themselves. I still may not like some of their rudeness but at least I can understand it now. And I know they don’t neccesarily mean any harm by it either. Therefore I wont be quick to get upset by it. Maybe we can be friends if we just understood each other a bit better. I’ve read a great deal of nonsense on here but the most vulgar fallacy I’ve seen was the comment “Indians are the worst race” so I’d like to close with a little food for thought the idea that maybe we are all children in the eyes of the Lord all equally brilliant or stupid no matter how rich or poor all stumbling around blind still trying to figure out what we are still have not learned to share still destroying the very earth under our feet and ourselves in the process. There is no such thing as a superior or inferior race because there is only one race silly gooses.

  45. mookey / Jul 7 2014 8:48 am

    Honesty. I didn’t know too many Indians but the ones i do know of out of the 3 …2of them were in fact rude with no manners. The last incident that I had was with this indian women the type of job I have is working with special needs kids as she had one. I tried to be nice and see she wanted help around the house in fact my job did not require me to do this but it was actually against policy the extra work I did for her. But instead I saw she was constantly depressed so I helped her with cleaning. Any who the lady had no manners what so ever she had aggressive tone and would TELL me to do something other than ASK me nor did she say please and thank you. I felt bad for her husband as he would get a loud hollering voice if he didn’t do what she wanted.finally I got tired of her assuming I was going to every time do extra work I was not authorized to do while she sit and mope and be lazy sipping tea watching t.v so I simply remind her of what I am there for what I can or can’t do and boy did she ever make me feel like carp. Talking to me stupid and being rude I just dust my hands report it and kept moving. I am nobody servant I may be nice but I do have some back bone. So unfortunately I did have a bad encounter with a Indian. Her husband was coo a lol. Sarcastic but ok she was demanding rude and mean sad thing is I don’t think she realize that she is like that. Unfortunately it’s normal for her to act rude smh

  46. mookey / Jul 7 2014 8:55 am

    Oh I also noticed that she was very lazy,constantly online shopping,and nosey. Other than the mean and rude no manners this lady was NOSEY. She wanted to know my income my husband’s were we lived literally EVERYTHING.

  47. USA / Jul 8 2014 4:55 am

    Indians are the most deceptive people, especially South Indians. I have to deal with them at work on daily basics. They are very greedy, deceptive, smelly and always looking for shortcuts than working hard. Zero creativity. Most of the IT stuff they know is based on memorization rather than understanding the core principals, reasoning and logic. Now you know why their kids are good at spelling bees competitions. Kickback are very common if an Indian manager is using bunch of contractors. If there is an Indian manager and there are layoffs most likely anyone who is not Indian will be let go first.

    • Hush / Jun 1 2015 6:07 am

      Just another butthurt pinko (probably still smelling of bacon).

  48. whateveryousaysilly / Aug 3 2014 9:36 am

    The softer I speak the louder they shout at me.

    You don’t “get respect if you give respect.” You will be taken advantage of and dragged through the dirt for the crime of being nice.

    • Michael / Oct 22 2014 11:49 pm

      The West needs to finish the domination that Alexander the Great began over 2000 years ago. Populations of the Middle East and South Asia were weak then and still are weak. The sooner a campaign begins to rid the world of this pestilence, the better off future generations will be. Western thought is and has been at the front of the line due to the Darwinian pressures that were mentioned in previous blogs. Long live the King.

  49. Tarrne / Aug 25 2014 4:58 am

    i totally agree with the comments here about indian’s being rude. it’s just so glaring that you cannot miss. and get this, they aren’t just rude to foreigners but they are rude to other India’s as well, they segregate according to caste, complexion, sex, state, money power, looks, religion… the list is inexhaustible. just name it they will segregate you like a worm pinned on a wall. everyone here in India believes they have a right to speak their mind, oh and you know that ain’t anything pretty or soft, but no no don’t go taking their freedom of speech away, it is their birthright! loud and impolite behaviour is seen as childish and fun. being an indian girl myself, from the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, i know just how cruel they can be, i myself almost got mobbed for taking out cash at a ATM vestibule. because i look different, as they so ready call me “chinki” but don’t worry there is a law that fines and imprisons people who call you out by racist slurs… do i need say it doesn’t work? small eyes, nose.. stuff, picture a normal Thai girl, you get how i look. here’s my story, i had to take out a large sum of money for my M.Phil admission in an institute in pune and i took like three minutes max because the limit was 10k and people started calling names and passing slurs and get this, some even barged in my booth to demand me why i was taking out so much cash! oh and no, don’t get this rudeness mixed with the survival of the fittest theory put forward here, it is just a cultural thing that people here think looking down on others show their own superiority. need i say it’s exactly the opposite? the poor people who actually have to struggle a lot are a lot better then the middle class and the rich people. did you just think of sympathising with the poor? just wait till you read what is coming next, it’s not because they are better by nature, give them money and they will act just like the oppressors that oppressed them. i feel totally frustrated by it and hate being ill treated but, OMG! did i just bad mouth my own country man!! i need to be thrashed, is what will go on in some stupid Indian’s mind who reads this, but then there are some people who are genuinely nice, you have to search the sun to find them though. oh and there is this funny thing going on, i guess many of you angry people already faced it. some indians hate everyone, so they just make fake id’s in social media and add places like Netherlands, USA, UK to appear cool, but then they start talking and bamn! you know right where they coming from. God! i wish i knew how to make all this rudeness go away. the cleanliness and body smell part is much less annoying then this living hell they give me every time i am out of the northeast region. oh but wait, don’t go sympathising the northeastern’s so quickly either, my family is a mixed state family (Arunachal and U.P) so the don’t except me with open arms either. all their hate for the mainland Indian’s come out on all those they consider outsider. but i gotta admit they are still better because 1) they aren’t so very vocal 2) they are cleaner. they just won’t let you into a good friend category. hurts, but i’d anyday be hurt in this way then the other way i mentioned. choosing which hell is livable are currently my only options. but don’t go sympathising me either, i feel sick of being treated as the victim. if only i knew how to fight back without stooping to either of their standards.

    • stuckinindia / Sep 21 2014 2:13 pm

      I have felt the exact way you’ve described. It’s been 18 yrs in this shithole country alone. With me it’s more like staring and grinning nonstop every time I step out of the house. At least you’ve got your parents. Even my parents turned against me.

    • Hush / Jun 1 2015 6:11 am

      We should deport you back to China, CHINKI!

      • ChopinSid / Aug 31 2015 1:02 am

        And we should deport you back to a mental asylum…And Bacon tastes yum..

      • LK / Apr 15 2016 6:34 pm

        Hush please hush yourself. These people are here to bash Indians and you are not helping with your self entitling mentality. Learn to receive criticism or otherwise crawl back to the pussy that you came from you bigot.

    • ChopinSid / Aug 31 2015 12:55 am

      the first thing i would like to tell yo all of my fellow bloggers above is to understand the fact that India is not a is an artificially created entity…
      Secondly i would like to say one simple thing..
      IT has been 25 years since i was born in this shithole..and since then i have been treated like a piece of garbage by everyone ..except for my parents and my maternal Grand parents…
      This crazy corrupt nation of rapists have left no stone unturned in abusing me and making me cry..
      why because..
      I am Honest..
      I respect Women..
      i don’t know how to Drive..
      i am creative…
      and i am bit autistic..
      so therefore i am easy pawn for everyone else..come and use me when you feel like and throw me then like a used beer can…
      Honestly this piece of shit assfucking rat worshiping filthy sinkhole has truly ruined my life,,
      and turned me into a very bitter and lonely person….
      the only reason that i am surviving still because of my parents..who BTW has also suffered like me…

      But soon I will leave this shit hole…i warm all westerners..please don’t get fooled by the charms of
      Digital india and Make in India…India is one corrupt crony capitalist hellhole that you don’t want to make yourself involve with..
      And yes there are way too many stray Dogs in my slum land..which makes me even more crazy,,,
      for i am a bit phobic to dogs…

  50. Smash / Sep 1 2014 3:31 pm

    Indians always fight in groups , i have visited India and i have to say that they do great people like they are inferior to them they have a ego that they can’t let go off and when it comes to rules they don’t seen to care I mean I’ve witnesses people pissing at the side of roads , hitting kids for not giving them respect . The Hindu Indians curse alot even at you in understand Hindi so it’s easy for me to make out what they say most of the time . However there are good Indians aswell . And finally they always seem to be taking about sex and making money or getting drunk

  51. orlando custom cabinets / Sep 30 2014 2:36 am

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  52. Ariel / Oct 8 2014 6:11 am

    They talk about sex as their marriages are prearranged – you don’t want an ugly one – and the money is the parents.
    Unfortunately the marrying has an impact – out friends have deformed children so I hope the class thing is worth it – but no – In Australian prearranged marriages are illegal but I still see parents reading books “Marrying the correct person”
    Very sad as the chinests here are awesome with no baggage

  53. Fugly Aneh / Dec 18 2014 6:33 pm

    I’ve lived amongst smelly indians all my life and find that indians from ANYWHERE in the world are rude, loud, obnoxious, arrogant, sneaky, sly and dishonest scum bags. U can never trust an Indian. They say if u meet a snake and Indian in a jungle who do u kill first? The Indian of course. The ones who r poor are jealous and envious and steal. The richer ones are proud and arrogant and boast all the time. Inferiority complex. No wonder every race in the world hates these smelly curry maggots. If Gandhi knew this was the future he would have just let the British stayed. Largest democracy in the world and see what a stinking piece of shit your country and people have become. A joke.

  54. John / Jan 10 2015 11:48 am

    I dislike them worse than any race–uh, I don’t dislike ANY race, except Indians and the Pakistan people–they cut in line (the huge wives in the gown garb) while the tiny husband walks behind with pants up to his nipples and huge glasses–buy their kids tons of candy and talk 99 mph. I live in an OH apartment complex that they took over. 90% went from white to Indian. They took over the grocery stores, banks, etc. Driving Mercedes while living in apartments with 3+ kids jammed in. Banking money and cutting in on Americans. They seem to have a hotline to our best schools and jam their black skinned kids into. I developed a hatred for them. It took a lot for me to do so, but it happened.

    • John / Jan 10 2015 12:02 pm

      1 more comment–they are taking over medicine, IT and anything they want to by crushing ahead of nice polite people. I had to move to a home and get out of my apartment due to constant noise above me–round the clock, I pleaded nicely to no avail. Rude pushy people and I got some of them back. Let’s put it this way–they parked their Benzes outside since they had 2 with a 1 car garage–cars were messed up pretty badly LOL. Then I moved. I may go back and see if I need to do some more introductions. Their kids walk or ride bikes down the middle of narrow roads in the complex and will not move for your car–period –they refuse to move. I have some plans for em

  55. Us Aussies Our place / Feb 10 2015 4:10 pm

    I am a 55 yr old Australian male blue collar worker, my Mrs is 40. Long one short. We moved from the country to Melbourne City after 20 yrs away from the northern suburbs I grew up in. Both of us cannot believe the non integration, rudeness in the Aussie workforce, driving habits, insubordinance of taxi drivers and drivers in genera by the ‘let through the gate’ indianl. Had to yell at a taxi driver to slow for a stop sign other day, he’s definitely driving through with my 10 yr old in the back. No excuse me or apology, couldve killed us)
    Today my Mrs quit her job. Coles factories that make their product are ran by Indians because they work cheap. They are brutal and lazy, they give the shit jobs to Aussies and once they get into a managing position employ indians only(friends relos). Mrs worked away as the indian women chatted away in indian, she told them they were lazy and rude(after 5 days of of this shit) only to be rebuked saying YOU are rude. (My Mrs works hard) We are quickly becoming racist toward indians(there have been many experiences in a few yrs)
    Every person, meaning Aussies (Aussies, Greek, Italian, Turk, Maltese, Vietnamese etc etc )at my workplace do not like them, colour of their skin, we think not.
    Idiot govt let sooo many here that everywhere you go there seem to be more indians than most cultures. The mongrels are raping Aussie women. They,re very cocky because there are so many of them and where do they send the money they make here, the cunts who sleep 6 blokes to a house here on student visas pretending to be someone else??
    Did you know that 99.9% taxi drivers flunked the test when the dept. called in a mass test recently. Fucken taxi at the airport stinks like curry and the International visitor listens to guess what as they get driven directly to their destination NOT! Fucken G is to blame for letting so many people in who dont want to integrate or conform with our workplace relations. Mrs took pics of workers of COLES Indian ran factory having to stand on a table to remove boxes. A fucken indiian told my Mrs to keep, ‘Eyes forward, keep working!’ As a forklift with a pallet of whatever drove 600mm behind her, a HUGE workplace no no, in fact the black stinkin bitch should be fired and fined for making my Mrs do that!!!
    I dont care what any of you do gooder fools say, these turds are taking our jobs and whose family members fought in the wars, not fucken theirs in fact they slaughtered the British families in the Indian mutiny.
    I wish they’d ALLFUCK OFF BACK TO india. MORE FOOL OUR STUPID GOVERNMENT MAKING US HAVE TO LIVE IN THE SAME STREETTHOSE POSH CUNTS SHOULD BE MADE TO AND SEE HOW THEY THINK HOW GOOD LETTING SOOOO MANY IN IS THEN!!!!! Most of em DONT LIKE, EVEN HATE US, WTF are you doing living hrer then, OH THAT:S BLOODY OBVIOUS, send the money back to india to get more of you dogs here.Wont mow your lawns and leave the wheelie bins on the street 24/7. Fucken lazy cunts!!
    Cut it short see, mentioned nothing about muslims, the bad ones who wanna take over our lovely land. YOU YOUNG GREEN, new age, POLTICALLY CORRECT fools think yr in touch but NOT. You UNI fools wont get work after yr degree because these cunt call themselves engineers when their skills and paperwork and indian degrees are worthless here, seriously these cunts are here to take over. The Australian dream is lost as long as these RATS are here to sink our ship. The G is letting them do it you kids who are Aussies whos forefathers fought in the wars to keep our lovely land FREE. Those poor buggers would be rolling in their graves knowing you back the ASTRONOMICAL amount of indians let in.
    Anyway I dont give a fuck what you think. Im a hard working Aussie who’s family before me played a role as did many many other Aussie families have indeed done with honour fought overseas many times to keep us free. That’s why the Vietnamese blokes at work dig us,we helped them. Yeah I know history, perhaps saying upper class Indians call my rave moot, they would think not.
    To be treated like dogs in hard times by indan bosses toward my hard working Mrs I want to tell you black cunts right now. I wish you would all fuck off back to where you came from and jail to the politicians who let you in !! Being this age and growing up herei I am worried about my child’s future seeing so many black faces of creed who DO NOT LIKE US, and fuck off I dig all cultures at my work even the one Indian I talk cricket with, he dont like the pricks who dont get along with Aussies.

  56. Bo / Mar 5 2015 8:01 pm

    i hate them all! a bunch of muddy, dirty, ignorant, rude, noisy, obnoxious, stinky sand nig*ers!

  57. White Girl / Apr 15 2015 4:16 pm

    I am hosting an Indian couple at the moment. Rude, dirty, haggling. Unfortunately I cannot tolerate this race any more.

    • Hush / Jun 1 2015 6:21 am

      Piss off, you loud mouthed, bacon smelling, melanin deficient whore. White women can’t do shit except spread their legs.

  58. Sharon Oldenburg / May 2 2015 3:09 am

    A family of Indians lives upstairs in my apartment building. They frequently have LARGE gatherings of people, who leave around midnight or 1:00 a.m., stomping down the stairs and all trying to scream above each other. I’ve complained three times to management about these people, but they do nothing about the noise. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??

    • vikrampv / Oct 27 2016 11:06 pm

      Oh, what about Ur punky people? They do not ever shout? Lol, go around your streets and you will see strippers. And some other gangs who almost beat you up.

    • sureashell / Dec 11 2017 3:52 pm

      I fully understand your frustration and feelings. A lot of Indians behave typically thus- boorishly, uncivilly, without concern for the fellow man. And to think of it these are the better off people of India who have gone abroad. It is just not a racist thing, it is squarely their obnoxious, uncivil behaviour and attitudes.

  59. georg / Jul 12 2015 12:29 pm

    there are a bunch of over populated countries, like japan, mexico or brazil.. and they are not rude, if indians and chinese are rude is because they are not civiliced enough

  60. gautam gehlot / Jul 24 2015 7:18 pm

    wow….. im an indian and i know the indians very well. they are such a rude. they don’t call their close to good morning.there are many abuse-ness in them. they often call each orther word like mother-f*cker etc. they call it even with their family member. they are full having with a lot of rude-ness.

  61. Thetruthwillsetyoufree / Jul 25 2015 9:29 pm

    I have lived in India. My parents come from India, but I think living abroad made them better people. I was brought up the be politically correct. However living in India has made me a realist. The culture of India sucks. The people are awful because they were brought up in an awful culture. If you try to point out reality to these awful people–that India will never become a superpower because even the basic amenities of life aren’t available–they make retarded rationalisations, blame colonialism or call you racist. At the same time they consider people with darker skin subhuman, call white people chutiyas and Indians who like Western countries Brown Sahibs. They will make a big deal about the “evil western culture” but they are always watching porn on their western technologies. If you are not careful these hooligans will rob you and cheat you because they can. They make a big deal about political corruption but in their day to day lives they do corrupt things and engage in nepotism. They won’t speak the truth if it isn’t expedient and only say things that will make them appear better.

    Indians born and raised abroad don’t seem to have this problem but Indians raised in India will be like this 9/10 times.

  62. SomeGuy / Sep 5 2015 2:59 am

    Some of these comments are hilarious. I have been living in india for 21 years and i have never seen or even heard of a lot of the stuff written here. i agree indians are slightly more rude than people in western countries but you people make it seem like we are the minions of the anti-christ and all white people are angels on earth.

    • lalalu / Oct 4 2015 3:20 pm

      Well i have lived in india for a year and i experienced all of the stuff written above, and i have more things to add. You must be indian i guess

  63. SomeGuy / Sep 5 2015 3:12 am

    And forbes seems to think that USA is a much ruder place for tourists than india.
    Source :

    • lalalu / Oct 4 2015 3:17 pm

      Nah, India sucks. Also most of the Indians suck too. I live in india and i hate it

  64. Ally / Sep 24 2015 6:39 pm

    Ok this post is old!
    I’m currently working in an environment that is diverse in culture where as at least 70% of employees are Indian nationality. My experience so far after 4 weeks working fully with this culture ( me being the only European ) is to find that the Indian work ethics are aggressive towards the work load. Ie they push you out of the way with there bodies. They are forward thinking… Ie they push you out of the way so u don’t know what’s next. They like to rub up against you… Because it’s easier that a step to the left…. I have been going home each night pissed of as I am during my day. I have realized until I. Tell them the expe tations in the western world this behaviour will continue. But…. If this behaviour continuseyafter this I will not be shy I. Saying good bye…. Stil not sure if it’s culture or assholes!!!

    • Margot Lasalle / Jul 3 2016 11:05 pm

      I experienced the same. So glad I am not anymore in this company and office.

  65. James / Oct 4 2015 3:16 pm

    I totally agree. Indians are fucking rude. Especially the richer ones…they think they are the best and tend to slight a person

  66. Taylor / Oct 10 2015 11:25 am

    As a white american I must say this entire post is racist and disgusting. You’re trying hard to sound smart and progressive but end up coming off as uneducated and backwards. By your logic since you met a handful of rude Indian people then billions of Indians are all rude. If I were to use your same logic then….all black people are criminals, all white people are racist, all muslims are terrorists, all asians can’t drive, all mexicans are illegals and …all indian people are rude. Yeah it works both ways. Obviously if we followed your logic then everyone would sound silly. If you have such a problem with Indians and the country then simply move out, no one is forcing you to live in India. Maybe you’re a self hating racist but honestly I don’t even believe you’re Indian. Something tells me your staying in India because you feel superior, I wouldn’t be surprised if your one of those foreign tourists that solely go to India to get with underage young sex workers or exploit the people and culture. Your attitude towards Indians sounds very similar to some crazy travelers I met in thailand that wanted to have sex with underage thai girls or people go to africa solely to adapt a new african boy as an accessory. The typical pretentious, condescending, pathetic attitude. Either get an education and learn about others or go live on an island where you don’t have to deal with different people.

  67. nurse practitioner / Oct 24 2015 10:25 pm

    I work in healthcare and their all on public aide or not paying their medical bills yet yell at you like you are a servant and are demanding and nasty. I really hate taking care of them because everyone thinks they are a doctor and drive you crazy!!!!!

  68. God Bless the US / Oct 30 2015 5:59 am

    I lived all over the world and and worked in many capacities. I agree, Indians are not trustworthy, they are backstabbers and have terrible personal hygiene. Living in Dubai (where Indians represent almost 70% of the population) I had the opportunity to meet business owners, Multi Millionaires from India and also labor force. They all stink and smell the same. Take the beautiful state of the art unmanned driven Dubai Metro which is a computerized public transportation and you will know that Indians ruined the quality of life here. They stink to high heaven. I also witnessed the contrast, labor force from the Philippines always smell good and are very pleasant happy people. They also love Americans.
    Indians were ruled by the British, they bowed down so their British masters step on their back to ride the elephants. They have no sense of pride and they’ll take any job and not complain. That is why they love them in the Middle East to use them as slaves.
    All this hot air threatening comments to Americans listed above by Indians living int he US or the Western World will end you up in JAIL in the Middle East and you will be a roommate with a big guy named Ahmed who will beat the curry out you if you don’t shower. LOL LOL

    • sureashellSuresh / Jan 26 2017 4:47 pm

      Please do not blame Indians for the way they are. They may be smelly, corrupt, conning, dirty, unreliable, cheating, slimy worms but they are living breathing Individuals. God has made tham that a way to tell us humans how not to be.

  69. mono_low_caste black_vishnu / Feb 10 2016 12:55 pm


  70. medical student / Mar 31 2016 8:39 am

    i have been studying for 5 years in India. i am from other country. i cant deny that the fact many indians are rude, think very highly of themselves, defensive, like to look down on others. it is sad even my lecturers (professor) are also emotional and biased. my lecturers like to compare themselves with other departments. and saying that they are better than other departments. and no doubt, they stink. cant blame them. they consume lots of garlic and spices. well, cant deny there are many scams in india and they are so pushy. there was one time, i was trying to sell something online, there was one guy contacted me and being so pushy asking me to sell it to him. when i said, i will let him know whether the item is available or not, he was like “ok fine….” then i agreed to sell it to him, then he was like “sell it to me, tell me when to come. pls tell me when and where” then i told him to come tomorrow, he insisted to come particularly that night, i told him i am busy and having night class, he was like “u cant give it tonight?” then i was so irritated and said to come tomorrow as i am final year and bit busy. then he said, “ok fine. pls dont sell it to other customer bla bla bla”

    and yes, indians are loud, pushy, ego, arrogant somehow and they smell weird.
    not all, but most of them.

    • sureashellSuresh / Jan 26 2017 4:49 pm

      Most Indians from up country India are like that. You captured their dirty essence.

  71. Arrogance Hater / Apr 1 2016 8:38 am

    I think most east Indian women I have encountered lately are arrogant, screeching pushy individuals just dying for attention and recognition a day willing to do anything to get it. **Not to say I haven’t met lovely, soft beautiful east Indian ladies and girls in the past… Just lately – in my workplace, and in the service industry, there are an abundance of crazy east Indian bitches that give the culture a horrible representation. They disgust and repulse me. I hate that we have to share our wonderful land of opportunity with them. I am a female Canadian native, and I would love to see all the crazy bitches go back to filthy overcrowded India where they and their shitty screaming faces and arrogant attitudes belong.

  72. Indians are Pieces of poop / Apr 7 2016 8:19 am

    I live in Canada which has the most multicultural society in the world. I have encountered all nationalities and by far east Indians are the most f***ed up people I have seen, basically they are arogant motherfu**ing piece of crap ass face son of a whores.

    • The Winner / Oct 1 2016 11:32 pm

      Yeah and you must be the nicest guy in town with all those curse words and stereotyping attitude.

  73. Prosperous Jon / May 2 2016 3:53 pm

    I live close to the Canadian border where many East Indians come to the US to shop at Costco. All costco gas pump lanes have a bypass lane to get to the nearest pump to to lesson the wait time. A female Indian pulled up next to her Indian friend to talk. She was blocking the bypass lane for me to get to he next vacant pump. I asked to move her car. She refused & kept talking to her friend in Indian. I got the costco attendant to tell her to move. She refused. The poor kid didn’t know what to do.
    I finally lost it & said listen you raghead bitch, either move yer car or I’ll move it & yer bitch ass back to Calcutta. This seemed to upset her a bit. I reached over and turned off her friends gas pump & said, yer done.
    By this time other folks in line were telling the bitch to mover her car. She refused. So a guy got in her car, put it in neutral & we pushed her car out of the way. She was screaming in Punjab the whole time & her friend had this clueless expression on her face.
    The sad part is, the woman had no idea what she was doing was rude or inconsiderate. To be so clueless is frightening.

  74. Ronald / Jun 17 2016 6:34 pm

    Indians are the most annoying people. If they are your neighbors they only think of themselves. Loud, overcrowding housing, pushy, dishonest, and cheating. Indians think it is stupid to be honest in business. They only take they never give to society. Name one Indian giver or philanthropist. They take over places like England and steal the whites and other locals’ jobs and housing but never do anything for the society, Then their filthy country discriminates against whites and foreigners. They are talkers and not doers, and they couldn’t argue their way out of a paper bag. Avoid them at all costs. If one of them moves into your neighborhood, leave.

    • LawAbidingCitizen / Nov 25 2016 11:38 pm

      So true, Ronald – I am an introvert staying in Mumbai (Vikhroli), India myself. I am just tolerating the noise and nosy people here just for the sake of my parents. To top it, my neighbor should have taken the first step if his family had wanted to be friendly with me. All I had been expecting was a gesture of courtesy before they could simply take the liberty to knock on my door to ask for some help since I have lived abroad and know what it’s like over there. In fact, I loved it in Australia. Everyone respects your privacy over there. Plus, they like to keep their public and private lives separate unlike in here and if you want to make even a conversation with someone or live around them or even take their help, you need to make sure that you do so from the start itself. Plus, you are expected to at least show a gesture of courtesy to tell someone that you expect to be friends with them now and in the future. However, here the next door neighbor just tells a security guard who was following her, “Don’t go to their home from now onward” when I refused them help for not showing me the very first gesture of courtesy. I like the lifestyle, culture, etc. in Australia better than the ones here. In a majority of the Western countries, they choose whom to include in your life and whom not to from the very beginning and I have observed that during my time in Australia. However, I get attacked, laughed at, etc. The next door neighbors are highly arrogant and just because they are moneyed, they think they can show their attitude and misbehave with just about anyone. Plus, they expect everyone to be sociable even if they are not and they will expect you to be nice to them even if they aren’t. I just hate living here in India. Firstly, it is overcrowded. Secondly, the houses here are built too close to each other for comfort. Thirdly, I am an introvert. The neighbors just laugh loudly and keep their door open in the middle of the night and talk loudly. They don’t respect the laws or other people’s need for privacy. They don’t respect anyone – even their personalities are considered awkward if they are introverted. I got trolled on many online forums only and ONLY by Indians for expressing myself and they even called me crazy and ask me to go visit a “shrink.” I simply hate India and even Indians but cannot migrate to another country that is more introverted either because of the lack of funding. Even independent houses / villas are being sold by the homeowners and all of them give them to builders, who build cluster apartments, which is extremely unhealthy for the psyche. Plus, even though we issued a written letter to our next door neighbors not to put their second / safety door in such a way that it blocks our entry into our own apartment, they did not listen. Indians are the worst in the world. Noisy, nosy, disrespectful, badly mannered, and more.

      • sureashell / Dec 11 2017 3:59 pm

        Very true. A lot of Indians especially upcountry ones are indeed like that utterly obnoxious : uncivil, pushy, having no basic regard for the fellow man (and that includes privacy concerns, being nosy, intrusive, jumping queues..). Indians need to eveolve more to be labelled as decent human beings.

  75. X / Jul 30 2016 8:06 pm

    When I used to live in Australia, my experience with Indians were mainly Phone scammers. I also used to work in construction there and the Indians ALWAYS tried to underpay us, even though they were already paying less because we were open to do some “private favors on the side” untaxed……now I work in IT, I have to work with people all over the world and damn those Indians are the rudest you can get. Unbelievable, I always tried to tell myself that a few black sheep dont represent all of them, but damn there is only a consistent stream of incompetent dishonest rude Indians, its not hard to believe that gypsies came from India, only difference is that gypsies are actually shamelessly criminal, Indians at least try to look innocent

    • sureashell / Oct 6 2016 1:55 pm

      Fully empathise with your views on the dirty ugly Indian. They are such obnoxious people uniformly. Very very rare is an Indian who is polite, civil, considerate, balanced and fair.

    • dneaux / Aug 5 2017 8:13 pm

      I work with one from Australia now. Her written English is horrible, and when I was put in charge of assisting her with a document, she lost her mind. I could not believe it. It is my job to prepare technical documents for my company. When I assist others, they are grateful for it. Not her. I hope she goes away and never comes back. She is hostile, condescending, brags about material things, wears too much perfume, and thinks she is better and smarter than everyone else.

  76. Behnaz / Aug 10 2016 5:36 pm

    Yes I agree
    Most of Indian guys so rude
    Why ?
    Because Last week I cheated with Indian boy , and he said that me send your picture of your body,
    And I said that I never do that… ,
    And after that he said lots of bad words to me , I was very shuked and I didn’t know how to say
    I can take a shot of my cellphone and put it here and all of us see
    Im really sorry for Indian poor guy’s

  77. Whitepride / Sep 10 2016 7:02 pm

    Effin, ignorant WOGS!

  78. vikrampv / Oct 27 2016 11:11 pm

    If Indians would’ve been this rude as this mf posted above, the whole world sous be India right now.

  79. Jessie / Jan 17 2017 11:22 pm

    My friend just had to wait 3 1/2 min. for a man of Indian descent to move, so that my friend could drive into a service station. Weird. Then, the man just gave him a dirty look. Is it because my friend is African American?

  80. Sharon Martin / Mar 3 2017 11:18 pm

    Yes i agree that Indian are rude. I have yet to come across a polite one. Is why i actually googled the question “why are indians so rude” ..they assume you are stupid and will talk over you then down to you.

  81. Oz / May 6 2017 5:36 am

    Earlier today, an Indian woman blocked in my car by parking right next to it (backed up) where there was plenty of space in front for her. I was stuck for a few minutes which wasn’t too bad.

    I don’t normally confront people in these situations but I was pissed off and called her over and made a point to her about leaving a gap and being courteous to other drivers. What was her response? “IT’S NOT YOUR DAD’S ROAD”

  82. Lo / May 8 2017 8:50 pm

    I have found the men to be more pleasant than the women from personal experience. When the women see me they are very nasty and rude. For instance in a store with lots of room they will stop in front of me and say “excuse me” but expect for me to move out of they’re way. I am not sure what that’s about. I am a black woman by race not complexion and I thought us black people were thought of as confrontational which I know to be a stereotype. And as I see it, it most definitely have nothing to do with race it’s just lack of mannerisms. The kindness in me do tend to move mostly but. here lately I’ve been getting irritated with it and have not been moving. When in Rome live as the romans do !

  83. Cedrick / May 22 2017 7:19 am

    I so agree with you. I am currently verbal bullying with these group of Indian people at the mall. It started like this, there was this guy who constantly gazed at me and seemingly was interested ( or wanted to have fun with me). I felt intimidated and uncomfortable when he did that. He went to our shop for refilling some water (obviously flirting). At first, I treated him nice as I gave him a good respect but it turned out when he acts weird and all of his b*llshit male workers were now staring and gossiping at me (if they’re not busy). I am really not interested in him, and I already have a boyfriend so I snubbed and stop treating him nicely.

    Because he probably felt rejected, he maybe spread some nonsense lies against me (perhaps he told them I am racist or something which isn’t really true). This is the beginning that I was verbally bullied with multiple (not all) Indian employees within the mall. That guy, I must say has an atrocious disrespectful towards women. My neighbour from my workplace starts surveying me like a criminal every time while I was working or had a break time and she probably wants to gossip to her ‘oh-so-great’ friends. They sometimes laugh when I accidentally caught them gossiping while glaring at me. Afterwards, while I was work quietly and peacefully, they always make any other way to disturb my work and pretended like he was asking for something nonsense talk or just walk across to check me.

    I suffered this kind of situation in a year and months. Even I work quietly, they still continuously doing this such immature verbal bullying. They were acting like young brats want to pick up a fight or some problems towards a person like me. I am an educated person, working in abroad currently work at the small food shop for paying my food and rent while studying my new course and now, encountered with these immature sh*tty brats bullying me with their obvious goals wanting me to resign.

    And oh…what’s the worst of all, one of them prank calling at our shop and talk like a shit playing like a dumb trash. And second, one of them submitted a CV in order me to felt annoyed ( he knew he will never be accepted and obviously had a better job). I had enough of this and this si torture to me, because of them, I am planning to resign thanks to this f*cking racist bully pigs.

    I never experience like this when I used to live from a capital city and move to another huge city for some important reason. And I have to say, they’re the rudest race I’ve ever encountered. However, not all of them. I actually, met the nicest or educated Indian people are the ones who’s not born and raise from mainland India and Fiji island.

    And that’s it…. this is the funniest thing I’ve ever encountered. They’re so unprofessional and acting like immature brats… probably that’s their culture….being arrogant is the BEST for them in order to survive…well…f*ck off…

  84. Kae Bucher / May 29 2017 2:12 am

    You moderated this post incredibly well:)… I am a blogger who hates stereotypes but after a strange pattern of rudeness from some ( not all) of my Indian followers on WordPress I decided to Google Indians and rudeness. Why is it that some are loudly demanding for me to read and comment on their blog… demanding I buy their books… and advertising their blog on my site? I am fully aware that people are people but I have noticed this from the Indian population much more than any other people group… Thoughts on this please?

    • Vanilla Chocolate / Nov 23 2017 5:54 am

      I think it is a cultural thing where personal boundaries don’t stand much. Also, it is a animal kill animal world out there so they try to do whatever they can to get people to do stuff they want them to. I think they also take westerners to be easy because of their politeness.

  85. Eddie C. / Jul 16 2017 11:33 pm

    I disagree with the author’s reasoning. Even if you grew up in a dense environment and are conditioned in a certain way, if you are an intelligent person, than you should be able to act accordingly and still display a level of courtesy and politeness. I truly hate to generalize an entire population BUT I must say, more of than not, I do encounter rude Indian people. Wether its on the street, at the mall, or in my neighborhood, I have had Indian people cut me off, step on my feet, and bump into me without even apologizing or acknowledging their rudeness. Instead, they continue walking as if nothing happened. That boggles my mind! I have tried to rationalize it and even ponder if its a cultural thing I’m missing. Regardless, it has happened so much that when it happens to happen, I now bring it to their attention (by going up to them and politely letting them know what they did). If it embarrass them (which normally does since we are in a public setting), so be it. In my experience, that is only time I ever get an “excuse me” or “sorry.”

  86. henry / Oct 13 2017 7:53 am

    India men are super rude and super vulgar very much to talk in chat , they joined online dating site just to see and view naked girls from other country and they are liar, hypocrite very much . they attack also and edited the picture of other country girls and tell all lies to attack and bullying other country girls. They sending the porn picture , porn video in chat to think that all other country girls are just porno and just sex worker asking about money they talk in chat . in first day you chat India men they ask you and tell you so fast you like sex? What age you lost your virginity? You squirt?

    They also ask send pussy picture, Send boobs picture, send nude picture, send sexy picture. The way of chatting of Indian men in online makes annoyed to other country girls.

  87. Madre123 / Oct 19 2017 10:07 pm

    So funny to see that Indians actually say this about their own people on this forum. Proves the point! I’ve seen how rude and mean they treat the air hostess on aircrafts. Especially woman. Still they seem to be surprised that people don’t want to help them anymore and start blaming it on racisme. They are shortsighted, can’t seem to think out of the box and act absolutely retarded.

  88. Mike / Oct 20 2017 6:35 am

    I hate Indians. They are very rude, smell, and think they are smarter (which is far from the truth) than Americans. They live here and suck off the system, but hate America and won’t stand for the flag. Screw them…one shower per week isn’t enough.


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