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October 12, 2011 / Vanilla Chocolate


Almost all through our lives, us human beings, armed with – self-awareness, consciousness and ambition, have always wanted to act. Committing ourselves to action is something that comes intrinsically to us. From my own experience of life as a whole and “actions” that I take in my day-to-day living, I’d like to classify action into three categories :

1.I know that I should act, but do nothing about it (harmless)-  In such cases I might realize that I need to take action but apparently my thoughts go no further than that. If I am honest, I’ve lived most of my life this way and it  has been a lot of  fun. Having said that, it doesn’t do much to take me where I’d like to be although it enables me to make merry, staying where I am. I call it harmless.

2.I know that I should act, but how can I have an edge?(harmful) -Actions that you do to look for actions you might benefit from.  Such “actions” should be beneficial, after all you are trying to start of acting on the things that you need to, you are at least trying to identify what needs to be worked on, right? Contrary to this, whenever I’ve spent too long in this zone, strategizing and planning, it has actually gone on to hurt me. If the time that you spend through this phase passes a bare minimum you’ll only add to your frustration and disappointment, it might even make you lose your edge and look for action somewhere else. It is actually counter-productive! You are on a ship that’s been anchored expecting for it to swift through the waters, geared up for the great sail ahead, your life jackets fastened. Think no further, you’ve mislead yourself. You won’t get anywhere except for in a while you might find yourself getting ready to board another ship, that’s securely anchored the same way.

3.Actual action (Effective) – This is what genius is made of. While the big majority of us mortals, spend most of our lives in zone 2 of my action classification, looking for things to act on,waiting for that just the ‘right time,’ the likes of Steve Jobs,Bill Gates etc. actually act! and that is what goes on to take them where they manage to be in due course of time. Taking a ‘leap of faith’ surely helps. 

I’d rather skip zone 2 and move from zone 1 to zone 3, but that isn’t how life works. Zone 2 is the most critical, it’s full of pitfalls and we need to watch our step. Never let yourself be mislead to believe that zone 2 is good, get out of there as soon as possible. It hurts you the most. It keeps you from being who you aspire to be. To act and to act now, is what counts.

Happy Action, CHOCOLATE.


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