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September 10, 2011 / Vanilla Chocolate

You are a HERO

This is about a small incident that happened while I was still in college. We had a big group that night enjoying our drinks while our emotions swelled since we were about to finish college and move on with our lives.

We had a real big prankster amongst us who on his day as they say could take anyone’s case going to the extent of even insulting them. There was this other guy who was a sensitive one, who in his life had been subject to countless number of  peer jokes and insults and had grown be resentful. So as the night in question went on people got more drunk, the prankster’s insults on the sentimental guy got nastier and the laughter from the pack became louder. Finally there was a break-down.

All the resentment started flowing out of him. He begged to know, “Why is it always me who is picked on?” “I have had this happen to me right through my childhood, I had thought it would stop when i grow up, it never does!!” In this moment, I frantically started searching for things that I could tell him, anything that might have made him feel better instantly, anything that might have stopped him from drowning in self-pity and tears. Right then I uttered out something that I now fall back on during my tough times.

I said.” Well if you pick any movies, Hollywood, Bollywood, any for that matter, it is always the hero who gets picked on. Those who pick on others aren’t seen as the heroes. Everyone wishes to be the hero and you are being the hero here, there is nothing wrong with you, it’s with your tormentors that something is wrong .” He stopped sobbing and thought deeply for a moment, he probably couldn’t find a counter to my argument. He smiled back at me and said “I’ll be alright man, thanks, the party must go on.”

I extended my thought further. During my tough times I still like to think in terms of “What if this was all a movie, would a hero be strong ? Would he try his best? Would he be positive? Would I take it a little easy then?” And more often than not I do get the right answers, afterall I’d like to be a hero too.


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