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September 10, 2011 / Vanilla Chocolate

Life is a Roller-Coaster

Life is such a Roller-Coaster. This last week that I have had, goes to show to such vividness that life can unfurl in such a lot of highs and lows with a frustrating plateau every once in a while.

Last week, right around this time I was waiting for a call from my best friend to confirm the time he would be here with me, for the weekend. But I guess the week’s  roller-coaster had to start somewhere and it did. I did get a call but it was him pleading me to rush to Bangalore instead, he was drunk and didn’t want to leave Bangalore behind. So the impulsive moron that I can be at times, I excitedly booked my tickets right then and before anyone knew I was on my bus to Bangalore. Throughout the whole of the weekend, life seemed to be great, till on my way back there came a moment in which I realized that it was turning out to be My Worst Journey Ever.

I thought the roller-coaster had only been a weekend long, hell I was wrong, I had only been through the first of the plunges of this roller coaster as yet. On Monday, I began feeling frustrated with my work, I felt that all that I was doing was sitting around in office, thinking of my blog, doing nothing. I wanted to flee. Tuesday, I caught a cold, after I had already endured one the whole of the week before this. I was annoyed, I realized that I had even begun hating the place I was staying at. Wednesday and Thursday proved to be no different and only made things worse, unfortunately Vanilla and I ran into sensitive topics and found it hard to not feel sad or hurt. We felt almost devastated.

Thursday, end of day I got a chance to mend things up with Vanilla and things seemed to be getting better. I had been nominated for a training at work and I began feeling that at-least there was some professional progress that I was going to make. Friday morning came and I went to office knowing I had a team lunch to look forward to, with all the great seniors. I really enjoyed the training and well for the lunch, it was a buffet with all the dishes that I could ever think of.  With the kind of foodie that I am, needless to say that I ate like a  pig. *burp*

The best thing of the week that has  happened to me so far came about when I came to know that the opportunity that I had been looking for ever so eagerly,  to teach underprivileged kids,  finally came my way and woohoo I start with it tomorrow i.e.  Saturday. I have always loved teaching, so the thoughts of  refreshing those sweet old memories of how I taught some little kid get me even more excited, only thing is, this time it would be a whole class of naughty kids than being  a little, shy kid with me in a corner of a room.

I wanted to share with my readers that as my week goes to show, it’s no surprise that life will be full of ups and downs. Sometimes even managing to throw us deep down in gloom and more. Yet if we can find something that we love to do or cherish or feel grateful  for by the time the next weekend arrives , no matter what,  we would always go on to believe that we lead a full-filling life, one that we feel really grateful and blessed for.

Thanks for reading, CHOCOLATE.


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