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September 7, 2011 / Vanilla Chocolate

Road Crossing -The Indian Way

Tips on crossing a busy street in INDIA.

Road Crossing India

If you are new to India or perhaps interested in knowing how it might feel like to be here, knowing how to cross a road on a busy Indian street might be a good point to start at. Based on my experience of living here, below are some tips on how to do it “safely”.

1. Get as close to the pavement edge as possible before making a dash for the other end.

2. It isn’t over till you’ve reached the other side, do not get complacent mid-way.

3. Be on the look-out for signs of the on-coming traffic breaking or slowing down, that might be your next big opportunity to dash across.

4. In case you think you’ve made a mistake while crossing, don’t panic, remain calm and show your hand(full palm) to the on-coming traffic, to “request” them to let you have your way.

5. Don’t let anyone kill your spirit, be ready to take one or two harsh gesture or words, your precious time is worth it. Indians might seem rude, but there might be a reason to it.

6. Try and don’t let yourself get confused, back your instinct.

7. Special advice for people not used to the conditions in India and who don’t feel as confident doing the above – always be on the lookout for daredevils who would go ahead, trying to cross the road first, look for cover behind them. That would go a long way in ensuring you safety.

With a good amount of experience on Indian roads my techniques haven’t failed me(as yet :)) and I have never been knocked down. I hope these tips help you in need.

If you have any advice to add or some doubts in your mind, feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading.


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