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August 29, 2011 / Vanilla Chocolate

Marijuana:Isn’t weed to the brain.

Have you ever had an irritating, painful feeling when you heard someone scratch a chalk on the blackboard in class and it made a screeching sound? Wasn’t even a millisecond of that sound too painful to hear? Well now I guess, I am not the only one who has this strange response to this ordinary appearing stimulus. I mean what is such a big deal about it? Would it be more interesting if I told you that I had this deep insight (that I am about to write about) while I was smoking Marijuana ?  or that I had this deep insight appear in my brain during a weed party?

Before I get started with the post New Research “Marijuana:Isn’t weed to the brain.”, I would like to make it clear to my readers that the views expressed in this post are my own and are derived from my own personal experiences. They may or may not apply to you. I do hope that it is an interesting read still and does make  you think about Marijuana.
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One day, I was sitting pensively with a group of friends in college, while I had smoked up the magic leaf,  marijuana.  A thought ran through my mind. We were supposed to be sitting there, chatting, laughing, tripping to great trance music and watching trippy movies. But my brain fell  into a maze of thoughts, where my consciousness began expanding and lapsing into frames. I would move from one frame to the next, without any coherence of how I got from one frame to the next. Right then with all the good music playing around me, through some corner of my mind a thought sprang up. And that was, why is it when we hear that screeching noise of the chalk scratching on the blackboard that we have such a painful reaction to it?  I wasn’t anywhere close to a classroom or a blackboard or chalk for that matter, yet my thoughts took me there.  I don’t think alcohol could take me to the level of subconscious thought that marijuana took me to.

Having discussed this question with various people, it appeared that I was not the only one who experiences it, the irritation in the jaw when a screeching sound is heard. Just how it is natural for animals to be scared of fire, or even something as basic as for our eyes to dilate in the dark.  Thoughts and questions ran frantically in my mind right then, I wasn’t able to communicate these thoughts coherently to my friends sitting around me listening to “A Stairway to Heaven” and probably thinking of hope and light, smoking up some more marijuana or weed, as they like to call it, while my mind wandered off to evolution and response and stimuli.  I hope scientists can one day come up with an explanation for such an intense feeling of displeasure that we feel when we hear chalk on a board and who knows it might open gates to something important that we have yet to discover about  us  and our evolution.  That time I thought that  it might have been a sound made  by a predator that preyed on us, Homo Sapiens,  and is the reason that we had such an extreme response to it.

Having thought all this, it just gave me an overwhelming feeling on how powerful could marijuana or weed , as popularly called, could make our brains. I went into a trans and came out of it with thoughts I don’t think I would be capable of producing in a normal state. It felt like I went into a meditative state and came back enlightened with questions that I wasn’t capable of asking otherwise. I am not an innovator or an inventor or a story writer, or a composer, or an artist of any kind. With the kind of experiences that I have had, I think that marijuana could do wonders for someone who needs to think creatively and out of the box. In my eyes what it does is that it puts your brain out of the box than have you think inside of the box.

I was there in the middle of the party, with my friends listening to loud music, getting high on marijuana and  yet my brain was powerful enough  to come up with such deep thoughts that normal people  might not be capable of under the circumstances that existed there.  I am intrigued by the possibility of what if we could train our minds and ourselves to handle marijuana better and used it for more productive pursues like enhancing out creativity, brain’s power etc. There are many performing musicians who have confessed to taking it before concerts. With all the dopamine and other chemicals that marijuana releases it could really help someone go that last mile to push their thinking prowess and concentration to get their brain activity to the desired result that might have been evading them for long.
Marijuana and brain

Almost all of Indian Sadhus as they call them, the ones meditating in the forests of the Himalayas to find their salvation, smoke marijuana, it must for sure elivate your concentration and increase fluidity of thoughts. I’ve been to that state where the mind becomes very powerful and if channeled properly it could take one where one wanted to be. A close friend of mine and myself have discussed things sounding close to Inception (yes the movie!!), or the existence of a parallel universe separated by time and space. Which to be honest would be beyond us when not high on it. What it does for me at times is that  it shuts  me off from my surroundings and issues that I might have in my normal life and it enables me to  capitalize on my brain’s talents better. I have even written poems that I wouldn’t be capable of writing in normal state. It gets my mind flowing and undistracted.

I am not an artist or person who requires to fall back on vast reserves of creativity to survive. Marijuana could be very useful for persons who might want to push their thinking beyond that last hurdle. Although I guess it would need caution and training to use it to its full potential. I am no marijuana expert, I am not endorsing its regular use, I would recommend  marijuana use only in circumstances where it might help one in pushing their mental abilities. I don’t think it is anywhere close to being very addictive and with long debate going on to legalize it, its use could be considered. Marijuana happened to me at a stage of life when I could afford accommodating it in my lifestyle, that leisure might not be with everyone.

Had it been legal it might have been possible that there might have been a thousand Michael Angelos or each household might have had a Harry Potter tale of their own. That’s the extent to which I think  marijuana  could help us harness our talents if controlled properly.  Marijuana might even out do sex and with the already declining birth rates in some cultures this might have sounded alarm bells for the human race.

All I can say is, if anyone reading this blog is fond of new experiences and would like to go into a theme park that’s meant for just the brain, marijuana is meant to be tried by you, at least once. Many famous, creative, great personalities have confessed to its use and in my eyes if there is anyone who hasn’t tried it and could, they are really missing out on a lot. It’s like experiencing sky diving off a plane, everyone wants to do it. It might be even more than skydiving off a plane, but remember you don’t skydive every day. It’s close to once in a life time. I’d like to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences on how it was for them, and if they could tell other readers more on how smoking up marijuana could be an exciting experience for anyone.

Any folks from Amsterdam please welcome others to come visit, its legal there. And to be clear on the title of this post, I don’t think the name weed which symbolizes a useless plant, suits Marijuana; because I believe it could be very useful for our thinking prowess apart from other obvious well know uses.

Thanks for reading, CHOCOLATE.



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  1. Wesley / Aug 29 2011 10:38 pm

    This man wrote 7 paragraphs, and all he had to start with was the topic “why chalk on a blackboard causes a painful reaction” (I can’t stand the feel or sound of chalk or a chalkboard either). If Weed was able to do all of that for this guy, I have to do a 15 page research paper on a bs topic that can be more than thoroughly explained in 2-3 pages…I need some of that, like now.

    • Vanilla Chocolate / Sep 10 2011 6:18 pm

      I think some weed might help you get done that research paper.

  2. Andy / Sep 12 2011 7:21 am

    Hey Vanilla Chocolate, After reading your thesis, it sounds like you got in touch with one of the positive effects marijuana can have on a healthy and curious mind. In the Netherlands the coffeeshops allow people to enjoy the very sensations which so impressed you in a relaxed social setting.

    Thanks for visiting my blog,

    Given your enthusiasm for marijuana and its effects you might enjoy a trip to Amsterdam….

    There are some great “smoking” moments in movies you might enjoy if you haven’t seen them already ie. In Easy Rider when Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda, and Jack Nicholson get high around a campfire, and the funny but cool scene in Animal House where there is a discussion of multiple universes, both of these portrayals lean more towards your take on the subject rather than the typical “wasted stoner” stereotype

    • Vanilla Chocolate / Sep 12 2011 10:22 am

      I would really like to visit Amsterdam sometime. It surely does seem to be a very attractive place. In my post I wanted to bring out the scenario where mairjuana leaves you with more than just making you a “wasted stoner”(As you say).It is intended to be a non-biased introduction for those who might have not tried it, might be wanting to but the negative propaganda around marijuana puts them off.
      And thanks for posting the link to your blog, I really loved it. 🙂

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