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August 27, 2011 / Vanilla Chocolate


Each one of us at some point or other in life think of starting off with something. This might be at least the fifth time in my life I am thinking of starting of with a blog. To my surprise when i went in for registering with wordpress, it said that i already held an account with them. So I knew it wasn’t the first time that i was trying to Start with wordpress. Only thing is I do hope that  I can continue it for longer this time around and have it reach the middle and hopefully an end. Writing a blog and finding its end would be i guess more full-filling than having a blog where you never know when is it going to end. The readers wouldn’t ever know if the writer of one of their favorite blogs was still in good shape and was probably suffering from only a minor attack of dementia where they forgot about this one from among all the others they might have had or if they had been done with the blog for good.

“There are a million things that i had started with, if only i had stuck with each one of them, I would have been a hundred light years ahead”.

PS: Don’t worry that’s not a quote from Albert Einstein. That’s from me : Chocolate.


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