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August 27, 2011 / Vanilla Chocolate

It’s Time

Just as i was finishing with four years of life in college, a part of me really felt that it was hard to accept change. Now,  few months into the change, I feel that I have embraced it and what I had back then was precious and what I have now is even more. Many things have changed since then but I still have Vanilla being the same.
This is a poem that I wrote through some of the last days in college. Hope the readers strike a resonance with it.

          It’s Time

Its time Its time, they call my name.

its getting over, but this isn’t a game,

we cant say now, “it was fun, lets play it again”,

no one’s winning here, everyone has lost,

they wont acknowledge that yes we all fought.

It time Its time, and thats a shame,

ill miss u all and the wilderness, how we were so untamed,

time doesn’t go back,it flies, i wish that i knew,

the only silver lining are the things that will be new.

Its time Its time but I’m not dead,

its only a part of me that’s forever going to bed.

A few days are left, say a grand goodbye

until we meet another day and exclaim “hey you!, hiii!!”.


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